Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cydia’s Untrackerd Against Invasion of Privacy

Cydia’s Untrackerd Against Invasion of Privacy

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Privacy has always been an issue that is attached to the high tech characteristics of smartphones. Manufacturers of these gadgets, particularly the iPhone series, installed trackers inside the sophisticated circuitry of the mobile device to ensure easy accessibility and security. Cydia application is one of the solutions to smartphone holders’ privacy issues.

For some reasons, this locator activity is beneficial if safety and easy tracking of the holder are concerned. However, some people do not simply nod to this idea because for them, this is an invasion of their privacy. They do not want any other people to know of their private lives and whereabouts.

Those owners of iPhone units subjected to jailbreak are the ones who are typically not in favor of these tracking schemes. In the first place, the sole purpose of jailbreak is to breach from the limitations set by Apple and AT & T. If this location finder is still in the phone’s operation, jailbreak is rendered useless.

Good thing that Cydia released their Untrackerd application that disables the trackers without hampering the normal operations of the phone. It works silently on the background and no icons are installed. Configuration is very simple and after installation, Untrackerd will automatically work to erase the locator settings. Cydia’s developer Ryan Petrich made this software available for free. Installing this application will prevent the iOS from logging in your location to their database.

There are also some ways to keep the tracker from logging in your GPS location but these methods are quite complicated. They require you to apply some efforts to troubleshoot and use computer knowledge. One of these ways is encryption of your phone backups to your PC. However, this will not stop iOS from sending your GPS locations.

Another way is to set your phone to airplane mode. For the meantime, iOS will not reveal your locations but the down side here is that you cannot make a call. There is no other way but Cydia’s Untrackerd. Download the software now and spread the good news.

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