Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cellphones at School – Boon or Bane?

Cellphones at School – Boon or Bane?

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Cellphones proved to be the ultimate means of communication for all people belonging to all age groups. These gadgets paved the way to easier and faster communication at a very cheap price. No wonder people get hooked to them to the point that some companies, schools and organizations already banned the use of the said devices in the premises. It is a usual scenario that school administrators and parents engage in a debate whether it is boon or bane to use the device among children coming to school.

Just like anything in this world, mobile phones have lots of pros and cons too. People are advised to carry phones because of the importance of communication. Obviously, this function is best delivered by mobile gadgets.In just few seconds, two parties can exchange topics over the phone.

On the other hand, cellphones might not favor the educational environment because students will be preoccupied with the mobile gadgets they are carrying. You can even observe that there are several students who hide their phones under their notebooks or desks while they keep on anticipating for a reply. As a result, their mind will be diverted to the forbidden tool and they will fail to absorb the discussion.
Some reports also said that mobile devices also open the students to the real world. The communication device would serve as means to access pornographic websites, illegally pass on answers, transact illegal drugs and substances and even disseminate cybersex or sexting which are all dreadful things on the part of the children, the parents and the school.

Several policies have been implemented to address these issues. Some schools totally ban the use of cellphone at school. If anyone violated the rule, his phone will be confiscated and he will be properly apprehended. For the first violation, the admin will capture the phone and it will only be returned if the child’s parent will fetch it. For the second offense, the gadget will be locked up until the end of the school year.

The thing here is that cellphones are important too because we will never know when an emergency situation comes in if there is no way to communicate. Since the 9-11 bombing, authorities and parents have been vigilant in looking after their wards. One person could save another by sending warnings over the phone.

In a deeper sense, cellphone should be regarded as personal things and factors such as the teachers and school administrators do not really have the right to interfere with its usage. The rest lies on the part of the bearer. One has to remember that he came to school to study and not to exchange messages with other kids.


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