Monday, August 15, 2011

StealthGenie Spy App Reviews

award winning spy software

StealthGenie is the most advanced and feature rich mobile phone spy software, it offers many features for monitoring of cellular activities. StealthGenie is a versatile application and it supplies most of your monitoring needs, if you monitor your child or you want to track employees. StealthGenie is a perfect solution and it has all the required features of mobile spyware.

Record Surroundings

You can send a command to your targets phone number, specifying when you want their surrounding recorded and the duration.

Live phone surroundings

You can call your targets phone at any time of the day and listen to their surroundings up to a circumference of 15ft.


The contact list of your target will be uploaded to the member’s area and you will be able to go through all their contacts.


You can monitor your target’s incoming and outgoing Email messages. Furthermore, you can read their saved drafts.

Appointment book and Calendar

Through Stealth Genie you can access your target’s appointment book and calendar entries. It uploads all the information.


All the videos stored on your targets phone are uploaded to the member’s area. These include downloaded videos, video MMS.


You can view all the pictures and other images stored on your targets phone along with their time and date stamps.


You can access your targets music; songs, genre’s, song categories and playlists from the member’s area.

Voice Memos

Stealth Genie uploads all the voice memos that have been stored on your targets phone along with their time and date stamps.

Whatsapp - iMessages - Google Talk and Blackberry messenger

You can read your targets Blackberry, Google talk and Msn messenger, Whatsapps and iMessage conversations through the Stealth Genie member’s area.

Internet Browsing History and Bookmarks

All the internet browsing history and bookmarks, along with their time stamps are saved and uploaded on your member’s area.

Remote Control

Right after the installation you can control the phone remotely.  It allows you to backup, lock the phone or completely wipe-out your phone memory in a remote location. 

It supports many phone.

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Please share your experience here in using stealthgenie spy app. I hope you are having a good time using this software as this is the most updated software through all Mobile OS.

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