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Spyera Software - Spy Apps Review


There are a handful of reasons why you may want to spy on someone. The most apparent motive is to uncover if someone is cheating on you. You may speculate where money is being spent or if someone is doing something dishonest. Whether you have altruistic motives to help that person or you're trying to protect your own interests, there are many ways to spy, like you can follow in person secretly, set up hidden video cameras in vents and in shelves, go through the persons belongings, buy a GPS tracker and all sorts of similar tactics, but if you want one of the most convenient spywares to help you get through all of it easily, then Spyera Products is simply best for you.

Knowing Spyera

Spyera is a technical organization under CTO that creates breakthroughs in the technology of spying. It comprises of a talented team with seventy people in it, and classified into groups. Each group is divided according to different lines of specialization and focus, namely, Research, Development, Product Planning, Test, Support and IT Operations. The research department is majorly responsible for the company’s innovation; it is composed of creative thinkers who absorb themselves in the progression of mobile technology. The Development Team is responsible for implementing ideas that will delight customers; they have to make the Vision reality. The product planning team is concerned with Ideas for products, features, improvements and technical support. Support is represented at the highest level of the company, and is a tremendous source of inspiration or moderation, depending on what ideas are being discussed. Then the Test Team comes in, who make sure that what is developed will be good enough to meet the customers’ expectations. The Test Engineers design and build automated tests, carry out functional testing, load testing, usability testing to examine the product’s functionality, hence, The Test Team makes sure the Vision never fades. And finally, the IT Operations; this department support staff keep the internal systems up and running. This team maintains the life blood of the company flowing smoothly.

spyphone gold internet

Spyera Spyphone

Spyera takes pride in having one of the best and award winning cell phone spy software in the market today with an affordable price. Spyera offers three variations in Spyphone products. These are, Spyphone Basic, Spyphone Silver and Spyphone Gold. They generally perform the same but the three of them differ in their features.

Among the three types of Spyera Spyphones, Spyphone offers the complete and jam-packed features.

  • Spyera Spyphone Gold - you will be able to listen to live calls, get access on email logs, obtain GPS location tracking, read text messages, see the call history and access the contact list. You can also create device changes without being known and could get alerts on real time delivered to you via GPRS/Edge/3G/Wifi. This spyware will really change your life and allow you to be in a disposition wherein you are like just beside the person you are following, creating no hassle at all and becomes very convenient for you as well.
  •  Spyera Spyphone Silver - it is a bit cheaper than Spyphone Gold but you just won’t be able to access the live listening feature. 
  •  Spyera Spyphone Basic - you won’t be able to experience the Pro Features of the spyware, such as listening to live calls, you won’t have access to email logs, and can’t perform location tracking, but the rest of the features you can avail of already and the spying experience would still be very promising.

Advance Features and Compatibility

One you purchase Spyera Spyhone and avail of its advance features, you will be able to experience cutting edge spy technology at its finest. You will be able to utilize remote control, remote uninstall, remote update and stealth. Need not to worry, because spyera spyphone is highly compatible to a wide array of smart phones that are available today, such as iphones, blackberry, androids, nokia, Samsung, and Windows mobile.

Premier Benefits and Advantages

Because Spyera aims for nothing but the best, it promises to offer you benefits and convenience that you couldn’t resist, here are the following prime benefits that Spyera Spyphone has to offer you.
Online Payment – For the client’s utmost convenience, availing of the spyera spyphone can be done through the internet. Without causing any hassle, you can install it instantly in your smart phone in just one click. Payment through the internet can be easily settled, without asking your personal appearance upon purchasing. Truly handy. For your information, the price varies accordingly depending on the version or type that you will order. Spyera Spyphone Gold costs $289, Spyhone Silver costs $189, while Spyphone Basic costs $149. All payments are valid for 3 months subscription period. Updates during the duration of the subscription period will automatically install for free. Great, isn’t it?
100% Money Back Guarantee – if for any reason you do not find satisfaction with the product, and your expectations are not met, Spyera gives you a 100% money back guarantee. Spyera consists of very accommodating customer service representatives to entertain you if ever you have queries and clarification regarding the product.
Failure is Never an Option – Spyera aims for each client’s satisfaction, and it is designed to function at its optimum degree at any time and any place, even at the most untoward circumstances.

pcspy plus

PCSPY Plus: Computer Keylogger

Awhile ago we were discussing about one best way to spy a person through the mobile phone, well, now let’s get into another way of spying through the use of another added strength of Spyera which is the state-of-the-art product called PCSPY Plus Computer Keylogger. This product functions primarily to monitor and track your remote computers activity, even if you are not at home or within the premises of your computer. It works secretly and reliably undetectable even for the most sensitive computer users, which makes it ideal to monitor the way your PC is being utilized by your immediate family, child, friend or colleague.

Cost Effective

Getting deeper, PCSPY Plus is a commercial legitimate keylogger that can be purchased through the internet. You just have to buy it for the price of $89. This price is already the cheapest you can find in the internet. What’s more is that it encompasses already a one year subscription period! It is totally not bad at all but a beneficial investment on your part if you really planned to gain a keylogger to monitor your computer’s activity.

Features and Benefits

Once you have legally purchased Spyera PCSPY Plus, you will be able to enjoy its main features. Primarily, PCSPY Plus works as stealth and is entirely undetectable. It is also remotely deployable for one click installation which saves so much time and effort. It won’t even take a minute to completely install it. Similarly, you can remotely uninstall it. You can perform monitoring of your remote computer, specifically the apps being downloaded to it, the websites being visited, the files being saved and the passwords being logged in using the computer. It is very smart and is highly compatible with different versions of Windows and Microsoft Operating Systems. Aside from all of these advantages, if ever you find the product less satisfying and does not serve your preferences, Spyera offers you a 10 Days duration after purchasing of a 100% Money Back Guarantee. This is because the main concern of Spyera is the satisfaction of the clients, and through this way, they will be able to ensure the best service that they could possibly cater to the clients.

Exclusive and Non-Detectable

Because of Spyera’s pursuit to make their softwares competitive and always better, tests and improvements are conducted each day. Free automatic installation happens in your chosen Spyera software during the span of your subscription. During an anti-virus scan, the computer will not still be able to detect the presence of your Spyera products in your remote computer. This is how smart and invisible these programs are. More so, Spyera is exclusive only to those who purchase the product legally because constant updates are done and preventions are made to disable crack Spyera versions.

Choose Nothing But the Best

Among all the variations of Spywares created across the world, lots have failed and produced quality results and few have remained strong and credible. Moreover, Spyera products have been proven and tested to supply good services to its users. For just an affordable price, you can purchase them through the internet for your convenience. Spying may have this implication of stepping into other people’s lives, but if you are driven by the need for the right reasons, perhaps to know if your loved one can be trusted, if your spouse have been cheating on you, if your employee is loyal to you and is doing their job well, then Spyera Spywares can be your best tool and Spy partner. Nothing overcomes the sense of fulfillment once you choose the best and nothing but the best. So ever settle for less, choose Spyera Spyware.

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