Friday, April 13, 2012

Which are the greatest cydia spy apps?

cydia spy apps


There are many spy software available in the market and their number is increasing, but which is the greatest cydia spy apps of them all?

If you will browse my blog I have been reviewing five kinds of spy applications.  I believe all of these apps are great in their own features.

If you’re budget is tight go for Spybubble.  It has all the basic features where you can use to spy on someone.   It could be your kids or spouse.
•    Spybubble allows you to read text messages both incoming and outgoing SMS.
•    You can track the location of the phone to know the whereabouts of the person using the phone.
•    You can monitor the website usage of the person under surveillance.
•    You can log the calls made and determine which person called or person to call.
•    You can view pictures and watch videos recorded by iPhone or iPad.
•    You can read all the incoming and outgoing emails from the phone.
•    You read all the contacts save in the phone book of the phone.
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If you will use the spy software for business purpose I highly recommend Spyera spy software.  I believe it is the greatest cydia spy apps but you must have enough resources to fund your spying activity.  Aside from the features of Spybubble discussed above here are more features added which you can for monitoring your employees.

•    Call interception – It allows you to listen to live calls made by the phone.  Once call is made you will receive alert from your phone all you need to do is to answer and automatically you can listen to them.
•    Spy Call – It allows you to turn the phone under surveillance into a bugging device.  You can record every conversation.  It is useful as evidence in confronting dishonest employee.
•    Read messenger chat – Chatting is also a way of communicating.  It allows you to read chat messages and determine every topic being discuss by the person under spy.
•    Cell id tracking – If for some reason you can’t locate the target because the GPS fail, cell id tracking will do the trick.
•    SIM change notification – If your employee tries to change SIM to hide something for you, still using this feature it will continually report information to you.  In case the phone was stolen you can still remote control the phone because you can still have its new number.
•    Remote control – After installation you can control the phone even without physical access to the device.  You can change settings of the phone through SMS command.

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Above all great cydia spy apps are easy to use and undetectable!

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