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Retina X Studios - Reveal the Truth through Mobile Spy, PeekTab and Sniper Spy App Review

Are you concerned about what your child, spouse, or significant other is doing on their personal mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers? There are actually many ways in which you can spy on each of them through using mobile spy products that allow you to be connected secretly in their gadgets and enables you to learn at once what their itinerary and sudden activities are, as well as their calls, texts, and emails that they are receiving. Gain knowledge of how to spy and secretly discover what someone else is doing without them ever knowing. Because of the breakthrough of technology, it is surprisingly easy to spy using state of the art spyware products. Karl Lagerfield’s saying proves to be relevant when he said that “Technology completely changes the people’s way of Life.”


Mobile Spy: Reveal the Truth

One of the most popular choices used nowadays for spying is the software called Mobile Spy. This software will permit you to take hold of the truth from acquiring information straight from their mobile phone. You will be able to penetrate the call logs, messages, photos, videos, and current GPS location of the person just by logging into your Mobile Spy account from any web browser. What makes this feature very remarkable is that it comes with a Live Control Panel which is an optional add on that enables viewing of the actual phone screen activities and location live in real time, more so, secretly manipulate the phone and makes you recover information even if the user deletes it. Every activity will be reflected in your account without delay.

Mobile Spy Description

Mobile Spy is an application that can be installed in your smart phone that can make you track the person’s current phone activities real time. It is highly compatible in a vast variety of phones such as iphone, android, windows mobile as well as in symbian OS smartphones. Its hybrid software operates when you turn the phone on and remains invisible and works without the person knowing. Once the software setup is created on the mobile phone, it will record everything in your Mobile Spy account with the use of the internet. When you want to view what transpired, you can view from your own web browser by keying in the program’s username and password, which makes the program accessible to you only.

Key Strengths

Mobile Spy possesses 3 major key features, namely, a Smartphone Interface that is instantly loaded when you download it into the phone you want to monitor. This app makes it very compatible in smartphones, and you can alter its personal settings easily when you want to. Second is the Online Control Panel, wherein it is where you login to your account to examine the results that have been reflected and uploaded by the phone that is used by the person you are monitoring. Thirdly, the Live Control Panel, which is an optional add-on, that permits you to view the actual phone screen of the person, at the same time perform remote control commands on the phone for you to obtain further information.

 Cost and Core Features

Mobile Spy costs $49.97 upon purchasing and encompasses a three-month subscription. Rest assured, for its cheap cost, it will still give you top-of-the-line software services. It includes the following: Instant Download, Step by step Instructions, Customizable Username, Three Devices Monitoring, Online Technical Support and Customer Service, Free of Charge Updates, and Sniper spy. For just 49 bucks, it will really provide you with a worthwhile experience by letting you take control and know the truth firsthand; something which is actually priceless. Well, what are you waiting for? Don’t waste time and buy once you are able to!
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PeekTab: Get a Sneak Peek on your Tablet

Tablets, such as iPads and those with Android OS, have become a widespread piece of technology nowadays. It has recently turned into a fad that changed the face of life of people, more often, students and employees alike. It has been a tool that is highly useful in school, wherein students can download eBooks in it and can make their study life easier. Aside from that, games and all forms of media can be placed in it, providing a different level of entertainment. For adults, it can highly be utilized for work, where product presentations to clients can be performed in one slide and touch, tasks can become more organized, scheduled appointments can be made easily, as well as important documents related to their everyday work can be saved. Tablets, indeed, have made life very handy for everyone, since it replaced the era of big, heavy and sometimes hard to handle laptops. It is not very different from android and smart phones because more or less they perform very similarly, hence, making it also very possible to install a spyware in it for you to monitor your child or employee closely.

Program Description

Peektab is a software that allows you to track specifically iPad and Android OS based tablets in real time. By this, it does not differ so much from Mobile Spy in its capabilities. It is also installed onto the tablet that you would want to give to your child, spouse or employee so that you could monitor their activities and plans secretly. Likewise, it records silently web history, applications installed, emails received and sent, current gps locations and actually more, without having to be with the tablet. PeekTab contains a hidden tablet interface, as well as an online control panel where you can log in from any web browser to enable you to view its activities. Awesome, right?

Cost and Core Features

To give emphasis on its capabilities, PeekTab, as a spying tool, basically contains the following core features that you would be able to use once you purchase it: Web History, GPS Location, Apps Installed, Contact Information, Photos Monitoring, Calendar Monitoring, iPad Features: Notes, iMessages, Emails, and Android Features: Call information and Text Messages. For only, $29.97, you are already entitled to enjoy these services which no other spy technology or application could offer. For just this cheap price, the truth can be yours, in one touch or one slide of a finger.
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Sniper Spy: The Cutting Edge Remote Spying Solution

No need to worry as much with how your child or employee is using your remote computer, because you can already see what they are doing based on real time through the new cutting edge spying solution called Sniper Spy! This software allows you to monitor your remote computer’s activities as vivid as a television screen.

Sniper Spy Description

The sniper spy is a highly developed computer monitoring technology that works beneath the desktop while recording activities on the computer. The software sends the current running data to an online control panel, similar to how mobile spy and peektab works, which makes you take a sneak peek on the activities of the computer from a remote location.

Basically, this application sends the reports to a secure online control panel that can be accessed from any browse with an internet connection. Through it, you may view everything that transpires on the computer, perform commands on it and uninstall unwanted or harmful existing software.

Moreover, SniperSpy has more features than any other remote computer monitoring software. This program is downloaded onto the remote computer that you wish to monitor. It works unnoticed in the background as the user performs activities on the computer as they normally do. You will see everything that they do, from websites visited to actual screenshots snapped at intervals that you choose.

Logging Features

The activities that Sniper Spy sends to the control panel of your account are actual screenshots and full sized pictures that is saved and viewed, websites browsed and visited, keystrokes typed such as usernames and includes passwords, computer location mapping, full chat conversations on skype, yahoo messenger, google talk, windows live and the like, executed applications, length of time each application was used, every document saved, and file folder changes.

Live Surveillance and Control Features

Like what has been mentioned, one of the major key strengths of this spying tool is being on the roll by monitoring happenings on real time. Well, for your information, there are particular commands that you can perform when you have Sniper Spy: First, you can attain a real time screen viewer, wherein you can watch the remote computer screen like a television in your own browser, you can view the keystroke history, also be able to view the entire file system of the remote PC and install any file as you desire, you can view active and ongoing computer processes, send message to the user and remotely restart, shutdown or logoff the remote computer. All these commands right before your fingertips with the use of Sniper Spy.

Aside from these features, Sniper Spy also allows you to do more. By this, you are also entitled to filter contents on the remote computer. You can block certain applications, websites, social media services and chat messenger services to run on the computer. Through this way, you will surely minimize unnecessary activities done on the computer, most especially if it was provided strictly for job purposes. Moreover, Sniper Spy is really deemed to be one of the best spy application products created because of the major reason that it is very advanced and makes you actually view screenshots, do commands even when you are afar and truly keep track of activities in detail.

Cost Effective

For just $39.97, you can already experience the full potential of this very easy to operate software for the span of 3 months. Without any hassle, you can already keep track of the entire activities of your remote computer. Surely, you won’t be able to miss any detail performed by your child, partner or employee without even spending too much time and effort doing so.
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Choosing the One that Suits You!

Among the three spy products and choices reviewed above, I am sure that there is one among them that best suits your preference, situation and current gadget. Make sure you find what is best so that spying on the people who matter to you becomes prompt, convenient and effective. There is really truth in Jane Austen’s maxim which says, Every man’s action, though hidden, may still be seen because of spies around”, and truly, this is a reality made possible through Mobile Spy, Sniper Spy and Peek Tab. Now choose your pick!

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