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App to track messages iphone

iPhone app to track messages is a handy tool for Parents who want to monitor their kids and Employers who want to keep tab of their employees. Find out why!

App to track messages iphone


A single text message can make a difference. It can be a message of disloyalty. Another could be a message of lie. The other can sink your business. How will you know if your child is lying to you? How will you know if your employee is sending company secrets to your competitors? Don’t worry there is a solution for that.

Using an application and the readily available resources at hand, you can monitor your employees and track your children. Without hiring a private investigator or buying spy equipment you can track them with no additional cost. All you need is spy software and the cell phones deployed in your home and in your office. Chances are if they are using iPhone since it is the most wanted phones in every place you can spy on it!

Spybubble spyware is specialized software that monitors every iPhone activity. All you have to do is to install it on every iPhone you need to track. After installation the spyware will automatically upload the text messages to your online account where you can access later. Spybubble used a database from a secure computer where every SMS were uploaded. What is great about this software is you can have a copy of the text messages even if the iPhone user intentionally deleted the SMS to hide something from you.

This iphone app is handy to monitor every messages coming in and out of your teen iPhone. In this way you will know if someone is bullying your child in their SMS. You will know too if a stranger is trying to contact your teen. This is where this software comes into action. You can avoid any incident that may harm your children.

With regards to your employees, you can easily pin point any person who is selling business secrets to your competitors. You can easily avoid business premature closing due to disloyal employee in your organization. Tracking text messages includes information about the SMS content, name and cell phone number attach to it, the date and time text messages were send.

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