Sunday, September 16, 2012

Spyware for iphone from cydia

Cydia store is the counter part of apple store. It is a database of application specially created for Jailbroken iPhone and iPad. Spyware for iPhone is one of the most handy app you should not miss from your iPhone since cydia. Why? Check it out here.

Spyware for iphone from cydia

Spyware coined from the word spy software is a piece of program designed to monitor iphone activity. “Spy” word can be frightening as it could mean your identity is compromised but the truth is not. The software is not intended to invade one’s private life but is used to protect and secure important people or things to you. It could be your family members or it could be your business.

Choosing the right spyware can be a daunting task but let me do the hard work for you. There are many competing spy app from cydia but I highly recommend Spybubble spy software! I believe it the most popular software because of it many features. Aside from its power features it is the cheapest solution compared to its competitors.
Spybubble cydia spyware can be used in monitoring your children especially those teenagers as they are in the stage of exploring and trying things. In short curious. They don’t know what will be the result of their action and this is the very reason that you should always be there at their side whenever maybe. I think parenting can be a tough job it is because the future of your children is at stake. Whatever they will be depends on how you take care for them.

Spyware installation to your teen iPhone is straight forward. Just like any app you will have to download and install it. Register here first to get the link for the spyware cydia source. Right away after registration you will receive a link from your email. Using the iphone you are going to spy, browse to the link and download the software. Finally install it and give away the iPhone to you teen.

Once installed the software works like a spy. It can’t be detect by the phone user. It works in the background and can’t be easily spotted. iPhone activity like SMS, calls, chat messages, email etc are automatically uploaded to your member online account where you can access using your username and password created earlier.
Sms monitoring can help you to know what is your teen is up to. Phone calls will let you know who the person your teen is constantly communicating is. All the information includes the cell phone numbers, name, date and time log was created. If you suspect your teen is flirting with strangers in chat messages you can check on it. This feature will help you to protect her from any dangers or attempt of taking advantage from any person or most especially from stranger.

There many features that I have not yet discussed about this cydia spyware to learn more visit: iPhone spy

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