Friday, September 14, 2012

Best app to spy on spouse iphone

Looking for the best app to spy on spouse iPhone? Search no more. Here you will find the great application I discovered that will be very useful for spying your partners’ iPhone.

best app to spy ons pouse iphone


• Which is the top application for spying iphone?
• What are its features?
• Where you can use it?

Spybubble spy software is the biggest name in the spyware industry. It is the most sought mobile program developed to help humanity in their daily problems. It works with Apple iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, symbian and windows mobile OS.

I say Spybubble is the best because in my years of search and research, it has the most features every spy consumer would love to use. Today Spybubble is gaining popularity for people who think their partner is cheating on them. Below are the features you could use in tracking your spouse.

Spybubble features:

SMS tracking is one of its key features. It allows you to monitor the entire text messages inbox, outbox and sent items. It gives you the exact word for word content of the messages. Giving you hint if your partner is flirting with someone on his phone. This software allows you to monitor and backup even the DELETED messages. If your spouse intentionally deletes text that can give you hints of cheating, don’t worry Spybubble can capture it the moment SMS were registered on his phone. The moment you see the suspicious SMS you can immediately see the cell phone number and the name attach to it. In this way you can easily pinpoint his lover and confront her right away.

Location monitoring is another helpful tool. It lets you find out the exact location of your husband if you suspect he’s meeting her lover in a secret place. It’s always a fact that your spouse will bring his phone with him. Using the spy software and the GPS technology on the iPhone you can easily find out the real time location of your spouse in an instant. You will know the date and time of places of his whereabouts too.

Listening to live conversation is another great feature also. It allows you to tap to every phone call and listen to their live conversation. In this way you can catch him on the act of cheating you. You will know the voice of his lover and find out if you know the other woman.
The three features I mentioned above are just part of Spybubble amazing features. There are more handy tools you can use from Spybubble in spying your spouse iPhone.

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