Monday, March 19, 2012

How to spy on an iphone without downloading an app?

How to spy on an iphone without downloading an app?  This question is a common question always ask in our blog.  Here are the answers to this question.

Spying on an iPhone with no download application installed on it would be very hard.  You need to access the device in order to gather information.  What if the phone user is always in the vicinity?  You won't be able to secretly get the phone unless you and the target have a trust relationship with each other.  Another disadvantage is if the person under spy is already erased all the data you needed from the phone, there's no chance at all to find any evidence left.  That is why the answer to this question is a big "NO".

There are many ways to spy on a person.  First is you can hire a private detective.  I am sure this kind of service is very costly.  The detective will buy spy equipment which will also be part of your expense.  All in all this is not advisable especially if you have a tight budget.

Another way you can spy on the person is to download an application to the target phone.  You need a short period of time, perhaps a minute to install this spy application and after that all is done in stealth mode.  The iPhone user under surveillance won't even notice that he is secretly monitored from a remote computer.  You can track every piece of information from the phone.  You can see the photos,  playback videos, read messages,  track his location, see every contacts and many more!  All you need is to seat back and relax.  After the tracking application installed it will immediately record all the evidence you need.  What is nice about this spy apps is even the phone is intentionally erased it is already backup from a web server where you can view them later.

So what are these spy apps I am telling you?

You can find it here:  Cydia spy apps for iPhone

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