Monday, July 23, 2012

iPhone 4s spy software without jailbreak

Here is iPhone 4S spy software which you can use without jailbreak process on your iPhone.  This is great if you don’t want to install new software or modify apples iphone built in security features.

iPhone 4s spy software without jailbreak

• Spy • - PocketLab -This is an application which allows you enhance your hearing capability, this lets you hear audio sound ear wouldn’t be able to hear.  This works like a stethoscope, plug in a headset and use the iPhone mic to listen to the surroundings at a level of detail you have never experienced before.

Can you believe it? The spy software has built-in audio compressor which intelligently amplify the volume of audio sounds, allowing you to hear even small sonic details that you otherwise wouldn't be able to hear.

Sound amplify works best in:

• Eavesdropping on people from across the room
• Understanding low-talkers and whisperers
• Hearing better in noisy listening environments
• Listening to the TV from across the room without having to turn the volume up
• Can be used in your hobby like bird-watching
• Spy • - PocketLab


• Audio Compressor automatically amplify the volume of soft sounds
• If you want to be stealth just tap the touch screen to hide everything and make the screen completely black, so no one will know you're listening.

As you can see this spy software is not yet enough to do spy activity.  If you really want to spy on the iPhone you need to jailbreak your mobile to unlock the entire necessary feature you would like to use.  Jailbreaking plus the cydia app lets you spy on sms text messages, phone calls, GPS location and many more!  Visit best iPhone 4S spy software cydia to learn more about this kind of software.

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