Monday, July 2, 2012

Cydia iPhone tracking software – amazing benefits

We are enjoying today amazing benefits of cydia iphone tracking software.  Thanks to the developer and the programmer of this great application.  See how you can benefit from it here.

cydia iphone tracking software


  •       What are good features of iphone tracking software cydia?
  •    Who uses monitoring app?
  • When and where you can use the software and how can you benefit from it?
If you are going to use spy software what are the features you should look for?  In order to spy and gather information here is the different function you should see:

  • Sms access and logging
  • Call logging and recording
  • GPS tracking or Location monitoring
  • Internet monitoring including mails, chat, Url visited etc
  • Phone book access
  •  Remote control
These top of the class features empowers you to gather a lot of information especially if you are looking for an evidence of lie and distrust from your employees and protection to your family members.  Yes! Employers and Parents benefit so much using this iphone tracking software.

Here is an example of how you can use it in your business.  If you want to know if your employees using their long distance call for personal use, you can check on that using the call monitoring feature.  This feature includes reports about the cell phone numbers called and received calls.  You will know the names assigned to it including the date and time call was made.  This will lessen or completely eradicate non business calls saving a lot of company resources.

Another one is if you suspect any of your employees only browse the internet during office hours, you can tap the internet monitoring features.  You will know if they are only chatting, looking for a nice girl or hunk in the Facebook, or playing Youtube videos.  You will know if they are mailing which is not related to business operation.  You see there so many things how you can use it for the success of your company.

Parents or guardian uses this cydia iphone tracker software too.  In fact it is like a personal body guard working 24/7 without complaining to you.  If you want to know if your kids are doing fine in their school, just use the SMS logging and you will see how they are doing during the day.  You will know if your kids are bullied at school or if your daughter is courting by a stranger.  This is a must spyware for parents.  If you time is tied in your job why not add some security in protecting your children.  In fact they are reason why you’re working hard all day and all night right?

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