Tuesday, July 24, 2012

App to spy on email account on iPad

Here is an app to spy on any email account on your iPad.  This is great if you want to record iPad usage.  Works on all iPad Model!

ipad spy software


  •          Do you want to monitor emails coming in and out of the target phone?
  •          Do you want to know the email account, time and date mails were send and received?
  •          Do you want to know if he is hiding from you in his mail?
Email has become a vital part of our everyday lives.  If you are a student you used mails to send projects, answer assignments or courting your crush in school.  If you are Parents you used it to finish your job in your company or sending application letter.  Businessman used the mail to send business letters, sales letter or even approval letter.  Email has bridge the gap of communication between two people.  You can easily send the information you want and accept the data you need in a blink of an eye.

Just like cell phone monitoring email is an important task.  Tracking iPad emails is a necessity for:

  •          Parents monitoring their children
  •          Employee tracking
  •          Finding the truth if your spouse has a lover
You can track emails on the target person by installing an application on their iPad.  Once installed you can easily received the information you need like emails send and received.  I’m glad you came in this site because the software you will see is not just for tracking emails.  You can use also in locating the iPad by accessing the GPS location and see the real time location of the mobile on a map.  The software also lets you access the phone book.  In here you see if there is any suspicious cell phone numbers and names stored on his iPad phone memory.  Url tracking allows you to monitor his internet usage.  This gives you the idea of what site he usually visits or he is using Facebook or Youtube at a certain period of time.  Last but not the least is the photo monitoring.  It allows you preview any photos taken by the iPad.

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