Monday, July 16, 2012

iPhone 4s spy software working mechanism explained

iPhone 4s spy software is sold like a hot cake today.  You can buy it easily in the internet at a very affordable price.  Although the idea is copied from a Bond movie, it is very much a reality now.  From monitoring your kids, employees, or spouse there is a lot things you can do using the iPhone spy software.

iphone 4s spy software

One of the most sought features is stealth mode.  This allows you to secretly track the person under spy without being notice.  No beeps, no sound, no additional icons, no additional process on the system of the phone.  It is completely working on the background silently sending to your online user account all the phone activities.  iPhone 4s spy software is so advanced that you can listen to live phone calls and even record any sounds emanates from the surroundings.  This is great if you want to catch your spouse cheating on you or your employees stealing from your company.

Spy software for iPhone 4s after installation will be totally hidden from the cell phone users.  It will record secretly data such as call history and text messages.  Today with advancing technology, GPS tracking tool is also integrated as part of the spy software package.  This program allows you to locate the real time location where the mobile phone is currently located.  With so many features, it is not surprising that many people enjoy the benefit they get from using it.

In order to access the gathered data, all you need to do is to login to the site where you register.  If you have not yet registered go here.  Using the username and password created upon registration you will see all the records.  The great thing about this spy software is you can get the evidence from anywhere in the world once you are connected to the internet.

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