Monday, April 23, 2012

iPhone Spybubble Cydia Tutorial and Download

iPhone Spybubble cydia download here.  I will teach how this spy software works and how you can benefit from using it in any mobile phone aside from apple mobile phone.



•    Do you want to monitor your kids and keep them safe from harm?
•    Do you want to boost your company’s income and lessen expenses?
•    Do you want to find the truth if your spouse is cheating on you or you are just being suspicious?

These are the common problems you are facing every day.   You need to end these problems.  I know the solution to your problem and that is by using spy software.

iPhone Spybubble spy app is the hottest software now in Cydia store.  Why?  Spybubble app helps a lot of people like you. 

How it works?

•    Spybubble allows you to read sms text messages coming in and out of the phone.
•    Spybubble spy software reports to you the places the phone has been and the real time location as well.
•    You will know the calls has been made, the number of the caller, the number of the phone called and the name assigned to the number from the phone memory.
•    You will know the websites visited by the phone browser by logging the entire URL.
•    You will have access to the phonebook.
•    You can see the pictures taken earlier and even watch the videos recorded by the phone.
•    All the information gathered is immediately uploaded to a computer where you can access them using a PC with internet connection from anywhere in the world.

How it will help you?

•    Parents like you will know everything that is happening on your children.  You will know if they are behaving themselves at school.  You will know if they are bullied at school.  You will know if they are using prohibited drugs or smoking at young age.  Everything is written at the Spybubble computer database.  Even your kids intentionally delete these messages Spybubble automatically record them.  If you have a big fight with your kids and you do not know where to find him Spybuble will let you track his whereabouts in this way you can give him a little time to think that he’s wrong and you can have peace of mind because you know where you could find him.
•    Businessman like you will have better income.  You can minimize expenses in phone bills because you can monitor if the phone you give away is used for personal or business purposes.  You can track your work force outside if they are really delivering good service to your customers.  You will know which of your employees are secretly leaking important information to your competitors.  Using spy software you can protect your business and increase your income.
•    If you suspect that you are cheated by your spouse using this spy software is the best way to catch him.  Reading your partner’s text messages will reveal everything from the name of the other woman, where they will meet, when they will meet and many more.  Using the location tracker of Spybubble will let you catch them on the act of dating.  Or maybe you are just being paranoid.  Find the truth now using this spy software.

Spybubble works in almost all kinds of phones.  It supports Apple, Blackberry, Android, Symbian etc.

               Watch the step by step installation procedure below:

                                               Visit SpyBubble click here

Read the full installation guide here

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