Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cydia source spyera spy Download

Are you looking for Spyera cydia source to download?  Follow the steps below to download and install the Spyera spying application.

cydia source spyera


•    Where to download Spyera?
•    How to download Spyera?
•    What are the features of Spyera?
•    How will you benefit from it?

Spyera spy software can only be downloaded from their website.  First you must know the phone if it is supported by the spyware.  Check here.   Next, you subscribe for the service and then you will receive the link of the spyera cydia source where you can download it.  Hold the phone.  Go the link you received where you can download Spyera.  Then Install it. Be sure the cell phone is yours because you will be penalized by privacy law if it’s not yours.  It will take you only more or less five minutes.  Finally handover the phone to the person you want to spy it could be your kids, employees or your spouse.

Spyera is discreet.  The phone user will not find any hint that a spy app is installed on the phone he’s using.  You will not find any application running in the processes, no icons, no beep, etc.  It is completely undetectable.

What are the features and how you can benefit from it?

•    SMS logging – allows you to read incoming and outgoing messages.  You will now the phone numbers sending the text messages and the name assigned to that number in the phone memory.  You will know also the content of the messages send by the phone, the numbers it was send and the name of the phone numbers assigned to it.  This feature let you monitor if your kids is behaving themselves at school.  You will know if they are into trouble.  You will know if they are hiding something from you.  It best in monitoring your kids especially if they are doing well at school.  You will know if they are bullied at school and many reasons why they have low self steam.

•    Location tracking – this nice software allows you to track the history of the location of the phone and the real-time whereabouts of the phone.  This feature is especially useful if your phone was lost.  It is extremely useful as well in catching the thieves who stolen your phone.  If your kids were lost in the crowd this is a great companion in finding them.  Or if your kids was kidnapped this is a nice tool to keep in touch of the places they are hiding.  If you want to locate your service technician at the field if they really attending to your customers, then this apps is what you need.

•    Call tracking – It lets you know how the phone was use.  You will know the cell phone numbers called, the name assigned to that number in the mobile memory and the duration of the call lasted.  Same goes with the incoming calls.  This is great in monitoring your phone bills.  You will know if your employees are using their service phone for personal use which is intended for business purposes only.

•    Call recording – this sophisticated feature allows you to record any phone calls made and received by the phone.  Recorded conversation is helpful and can be used as evidence in confronting a dishonest employee, cheating spouse and child lying.

•    URL monitoring – It enables you to logged every website visited by the phone.  This characteristic of spyware allows you to know if your kids are visiting any website with a topic about pornography.   Pornographic materials are great influence why kids commit crime at an early age.  It is also one of the reasons of why we have teen mothers.

There are so many features of Spyera software and many ways how you can benefit from it.

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