Sunday, April 22, 2012

iPhone Spy camera app 2012 the hottest software in cydia store!

2012 is the year of iPhone spy camera app.  It is so popular that many consumers like parents, employers and spouse buying this spy software.  See the spy cam app here.

iphone spy camera app 2012


•    Do you want to use your iPhone camera as spy cam?
•    Do you want to control your iPhone cam from afar?
•    Do you want to view the pictures taken by the phone?
•    Do you want to watch the videos recorded by the phone?

What you need is an iPhone spy camera app that can do all of these.  I highly recommend to you
Spyera spy software!

How to download and install?

•    First you need to subscribe from Spyera spy software go here.
•    After subscription you will receive a link where you can download the spyera source.
•    Hold the phone you are going to spy (only phones that you own).
•    Go to the browser and put the link to the address bar you will be able to download and follow the on screen instructions.
•    Handover the phone to the person you are going to spy.
•    Log in using your username and password created earlier to the website using a PC with internet connection from anywhere in the world.

How it works?

•    After you log in you can remote control the iphone under spy.  You can modify, edit and control every features of the phone especially camera.
•    You can view every photo taken by the camera of iPhone on the computer.
•    You can view videos recorded by the phone.
How can you benefit from using iPhone spy camera application?
•    As parents you will know the location of you children.  Photos and videos taken has information including the date and time.  You will know where your kids should be at a time frame where they told you where you can find them.
•    As employers you will know how your employees doing their job at the site.  Aside from the photos and videos taken you will know if these are fabricated pictures because spy software logged them by time and date.
•    Spouse – You will know who’s the person your partner has affair.  You can catch him and make all the photos and videos as evidence in confronting your partner.

Visit:  Spyera to know more.

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