Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cydia Spy Tracking App – Brilliant technology to solve employee problem

Have you heard the news about cydia spy tracking app?  Many people complained against it because it is somewhat offensive to them.  Why?  It can tell all the information that is happening to the user’s phone.  Don’t you think that is it useful for you?

cydia spy tracking app


•    Do you want to find out who sales the secret bid or product information to other companies?
•    Do you want to know if your employee is lying to you?
•    Do you want to save more from your companies’ phone bills?
•    Do you want to know the best employee in your organization?

As a manager of a company these are some of your concerns regarding handling employee problem.  It is your task to investigate how your employees use the company’s provided phone.  This is the right time to use cydia spy tracking app.  It will solve your entire employee problem.

Spyera spy software is a cydia spying tracker application that will surely address these problems.  All you have to do is to install the application to the employee’s phone that you need to monitor.   Log in to the user account you created from spyera website and browse for all the information gathered from the phone.

How it works?

•    Sms monitoring – You can read all of the text messages contents coming in and out of the phone.  You will know the phone number and the name assigned to that number.  You will discover if any culprit exists in your company who sales the secret bid or product information to other companies.

•    URL tracking – You will know how your employee browse the internet.  You will know the entire website visited by the phone.
•    Call spying and recording - You can listen to any calls made by the target phone.  You can even record all the conversations.  It can be used as evidence in confronting problematic employee.  You can investigate about the mobile phone usage bills and information at any time using cydia spy tracker app.

•    Location monitoring - You can easily locate the employee’s location.  You can determine their whereabouts useful especially in tracking your employees working outside your company.

•    Picture and Videos logging - You can view all the pictures and watch all the videos recorded earlier from the phone.  You can determine if your employees are lying to you about the pictures they submitted to you.  All the pictures and videos recorded includes the time and date it was made.

You see there are many ways how you can benefit from using the features of spyera spy software. 
If you want to know more about spyera spy software you can go here or you can download now!
Stop your old ways of monitoring your employees.  I’m sure it is time consuming and expensive.  All you need is to use Spyera spy app.  Reporting and employee monitoring is easy in one click of a button.  Drinking coffee while watching your employee in your PC is better than tracking them one by one in their office or at the field!

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