Sunday, April 22, 2012

iPhone 4 spy software will tell you in 30 minutes if you are into deep trouble!

iPhone 4 spy software will help you in protecting your family especially your kids,  spouse and even your business.

iphone 4 spy software


•    Do you want peace of mind?
•    Do you want to protect your kids from any harm?
•    Do you want your wife to be safe every day?
•    Do you want to save your business from bankruptcy?

What you need is an iPhone 4 spy software.  Spyera spy software is the name you can count on.  It will help to guide on how you can solve all of these daily problems you face.  All you need is 30 minutes to know that you are into deep trouble or you can relax at home while waiting for your next step in solving your problem.

How it works?

•    First you need iPhone 4 spying software.  Subscribe now!
•    Next download the link provided to you by Spyera using the phone you are going to spy.  Open the browser and enter the download link to the URL browser.
•    Install the program.  Follow the onscreen instructions.  It will take you five minutes to finish it.
•    Now you have 25 minutes left.  Giveaway the phone to your kids, spouse or employee.
•    For the remaining 25 minutes log in to the Spyera website using your user account. 

Spyera features and how you will know you are facing problems now!

•    Total Stealth.  No beep, no sound, no additional logo, icons and processes can be found on system of the phone.  No one will know if an iPhone 4 spyware is installed on the phone except you!
•    Sms logging – You will know all the contents of every text messages sent and received by the phone, the cell phone number and the name of the sender and the receiver under spy.  Using the information you will know if your kids are bullied at school, your spouse is cheating on you or your employee is secretly leaking information to your competitors.
•    Call spying and recording – You can listen to live calls happening on the phone.  You can even record the conversation by sending a sms command to the phone to turn on the microphone.  You will know the phone numbers of the incoming and outgoing calls.
•    Location tracking – You will know the whereabouts of your employees.  You will know if your service personnel outside your company is doing well in field work or they are just having a good time at a bar.
•    Pictures and Videos access – You can view all of pictures taken by the phone.  You can watch all of the videos saved from the phone.  You will have more information of the person using the phone under surveillance.
•    Phonebook access – You will know all of the cell phone numbers and the names assigned to it on the phone memory.

Now that you know that you are facing problems without your knowledge you can correct it now before it’s too late.

•    You can have a dialogue with your kids and tell him or guide him.  You can first make a move so they will open up to you.  Now that you know that your kids are bullied at school you should give extra time for your kids like going with them at school in the morning and escort them at home.
•    The very reason why your company has high phone bills is because your employees are using the phone in long distance calls for personal use.  You can end it.  It’s up to you what to do.  At least, you have now an idea that your resources can now be save.
•    You will know if someone on your employees is leaking important information to your competitors.  You can use the recorded conversation as evidence in confronting stealing employee.
•    Now you can find the truth if your spouse is cheating on you or you are just suspicious.

Don’t go back to your old ways!  Have a better life and peace of mind in your home and in your business.

Visit:  Spyera iPhone 4 spy software or Download now!

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