Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Is there a phone tracking app in cydia?

Are you looking for a phone tracking app in cydia?  You can find it here.  Download now.

Cell phone tracking application in cydia is one of the most popular applications today.  Why?  It is because monitoring apps is the most useful apps for parents, employers and cheated spouse.

Is there a phone tracking app in cydia?

What can you do using mobile phone tracker application?

•    SMS logging – you can read sms text messages received and send from the phone.
•    Phone book access – you can read cell phone numbers saved on the phone book.
•    Call logging – you can determine every call made, the cell phone number and the duration each call last.
•    Location tracking – you will know the whereabouts of the mobile phone user.
•    URL tracker – you can monitor every website visited by the cell phone.
•    Photo and Video monitoring – you can track all the pictures and videos taken and recorded earlier.
•    Call recording -  you can turn the iPhone into a bugging device by activating the microphone and record the conversation.

Which application you can use?

StealthGenie spy software is an application for cell phone tracking that you can download.  Using this spy application you can spy on mobile phone.  You can track all the information I discussed above.
Who will benefit from using it?

Parents – They can easily monitor their kids and verify if they are into a trouble.  They can track all the activities of their children and make it sure they are behaving themselves.  You can find your kids especially if they are lost in a crowd.

Employers – You can track your employee’s entire job.  You can minimize phone bills because you can track if you employees are using their phone for personal use.  Tracking any leakage of valuable information of your company can be caught at a short period of time.

You can also use it if you suspect your partner is cheating on you.  It is great spy software to find out the truth or maybe you are just being paranoid.

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