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How to protect your kids using cydia call recorder?

Thanks to the technology!  You have better options of protecting your kids by cydia call recorder rather than hiring a private investigator.  Find it here how?

cydia call recorder


Hiring investigator is a very costly thing.  It will charge you per hour of work, at this time it will cost around 400usd.  To lessen your expenses you have to count on spy software.  It cheaper, fast and easy to use.

Taking care of our children is one of the biggest problems encountered by us.  You as parents must ensure the safety and protection of your kids.

Here are the many reasons why you want guide and protect them while their growing up?

  • Many kids are bullied via their cellphones
  • He or she has poor performance in school
  • Going home late at night and we have no idea where to find them
  • Child is lying to you
  • You want to know who are their friends maybe your kids is connecting with the juvenile delinquents. 
  • Stalked by sexual predators
Evey-day and every-night we are bothered by these things.  You have no peace of mind when you are at your office thinking if your children are safe. When we were kids we used to go home late.  Since my mom could not monitor us.  One day my sister got pregnant at an early age!

Being parents you could set your mind at rest, how?  All you need is a spy software.

StealthGenie is an advance spy software that allows us to monitor every thing on their iPhone, iPod and iPad.   Cydia call recording is only one part of its exciting features that allows you to record every phone conversation made.

In fact StealthGenie has helped many parents all around the world in protecting and monitoring their precious child everyday.

All you need is to install the software with no less than 5 minutes.  It works in the background so that your kids do not know that they are under surveillance from their parents.  You can read, watch and look for all the data gathered from your kids cellphone in a computer connected to the internet.  Just log in your username and password provided for you by the spy app.

From now on you can secretely:

  • Read text messages from you kids phones and know if they are bullied via their cellphones
  • You will know his/her activities in their school since you will have many ways in gathering data why your kids is not performing well at school.
  • When he/she is not home at night you will have an idea where you can find them using the GPS and map provided by the spyware.
  • You can verify now if your kids is lying on you.
  • You will know if your kids is hanging out with the wrong crowd
  • You will know if your kids stalked by sexual predators

 StealthGenie is a powerful spy applications that allows you to:

  • Read text messages incoming and outgoing
  • Track phone exact location
  • Record phone calls
  • Listen to phone calls
  • Read emails inbound and outbound
  • Know the contacts in the phone book
  • View photos taken earlier
  • Play videos recorded
  • Read messenger (BBM,google talk,msn)
  • View Url visited by the phone.
Even if your kids intentionally delete every evidence that will prove that they are lying to you don't worry.  StealthGenie immediately backup all the information immediately after the data is created.

Here you can find how parents use this spyware:

I suspected my daughter of substance abuse. Unfortunately I had no proof of this. So I installed Stealth Genie on her phone and set up trigger words for her calls and SMS. These words were cocaine/coke,
Martin Langston, Parent

I suspected my younger daughter of missing school. Once, I dropped her to school and my friend told me after like an hour that she saw Jazzy at Pizza hut with some guy. I called her immediately and she made me talk to someone she said was her teacher I calmed down and such a thing happened again after a week. She was seen by many of my friends sitting with some guy during school timings. I installed StealthGenie in her blackberry and one day she repeated the same I recorded her surroundings and checked them on the GPS navigation map in member’s area. I reached that place instantly and was shocked to find out that she was actually sitting there with some guy hands in hands. I dragged her to the car and brought her home. I am highly thankful to StealthGenie for making me reach her exact location and finding out the truth.
Martha Jasper, Parent

StealthGenie will cost only 99.99USD / year better than hiring a costly private investigator.  Its price is so cheap and justifiable for tracking your kids performance.

Visit: StealthGenie for more info or order now!

It is high time to make things right.  Protecting kids is just a click away.
No more:
  • kids going home late
  • pregnant teens
  • failing grades
  • bullied kids
  • kids drug abuse
I hope that you take into action before its too late.  There's saying that "prevention is better than cure".  You as parents must make it sure that your children are safe day and night.  Gain peace of mind using this spy cydia call recorder.

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