Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cydia conversation phone recording “the best way to gather evidence”

Recording Cydia phone conversation Cydia

Using cydia phone recorder you can gather proof easily.  Compared to the traditional private investigator, spyware is the best solution you can defend on.  Find it here how.
cydia phone recording

•    Do you want to record cydia phone conversation?
•    Do you want to listen to the live conversation of the phone under spy?
•    Are you gathering evidences?

Gathering evidence is very crucial in anyone.  The facts gathered can either make a relationship or break a bond.  That is why we are very strict on how we can gather those information 100% truthful and without any errors.

Using a spy equipment is a hard way of finding the truth.  Spy gadget can either be broken or dropped from place where it is hiding.  This event can manipulate the facts that your are monitoring.  These gadgets are too big you can easily spot them if you are a good observer.  Another thing they are expensive and hard to maintain.  Hiring a private investigator is also not advisable.  It will drain your pocket.  Private investigators cost more or less 200USD/hr compared to spy software which cost more or less 200USD/mo. 
See there are so many disadvantages of using spy equipment and hiring investigators.  The best way to collect evidence is to use spy software.

StealthGenie spy software is a cydia phone recording application that you can defend on.  It is the next generation software that helps people.

How to record cydia phone conversation?

•    First you need to subscribe to StealthGenie spy software – Subscribe now!
•    Next you will receive a confirmation that you have successfully subscribe and you will receive a link where you can download the StealthGenie source spy software.
•    Hold the cydia phone you want to spy and browse the internet.  Enter the downlink provided to you by StealthGenie and download it. 
•    Then, install the spy software it will take you more or less five minutes.
•    Give away the phone to your kids, employees or spouse.
•    Log in to the account you created before from any computer in the world with internet connection.
•    Finally, from the interface you will see a menu where you can activate the microphone of the phone under spy.  Start recording.

Recording the voice of any person you want to spy is straight forward.  This recorded audio is helpful in:

•    Protecting or monitoring your kids.  You can find the truth if your children are lying to you.
•    Confronting your employees especially if they are violating company rules like using the phone for personal use or leaking high profile company secrets to competitors.
•    Catching your cheating partner.

Visit:  StealthGenie spy software to know more about what it can do for you.
Or Download now!

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