Friday, March 16, 2012

2012 Cydia apps

Today are 2012 Cydia apps you want to your Jailbroken iPhone.  They are the reasons why you Jailbreak your iPhone.  These applications are cannot be found at the app-store simply because they did not pass Apple specific requirements.  Jailbreak is simply process that access security feature and modify them most common for of iPhone or iPad.

These applications are updated up to the latest iOS 5.0 which means it works best for your iPhone 4S.  Do not worry it is backward compatible to old iOS.

Swype - It is simply Swype keyboard for your iOS device.

SpringFlash - You can transform your  iPhone into a flashlight and this application makes it easier for you to do so. It allows you activate a flashlight with a simple Activator-based gesture.

SMSConfirmation - It notifies you every time an SMS is delivered successfully.

Facebreak - Unlike FaceTime which only works over the Wi-Fi connection, FaceBreak gives your more freedom by allowing you to FaceTime calls over the 3G connection too.

Firebreak - It enables panorama camera mode in iOS 5 camera app.

Zephyr - Zaphyr brings smooth multi-tasking swipes to iOS’s multitasking bar. You can switch between apps by swiping left of right.

SwitcherCleaner - Stops all applications immediately except the recent ones.

App Stat - It reports you what applications you use most of the time with. With App Stat, you can see the number of times an application has been opened and hence monitor your app usage.

CleverPin - Works as a security lock screen for your iPhone, iPod and iPad phone.

ProTube - This application allows you to do more with YouTube. You can choose  to watch videos in HD or SD and download them to your phone if you like. You can add comment using this cydia application. One of the best option I liked was the ability to save and covert videos into MP3s.

xCon -  Allows you to activate applications that normally don’t work on jailbroken devices.

TruPrint: If AirPrint(Apple’s own over the air printing solution) wont work for you for some reason, you might want to give a try on this application. TruPrint enables iOS printing to hundreds of supported printers from various manufacturers.  This is a very useful 2012 cydia apps specially for office work.

Autocorrection Bar - Adds an autocorrect bar just like an Android above iOS keyboard.

AirBlue - This app allows you to send and receive files on your iOS device via bluetooth. You can share files like pictures, documents, videos, audio and many more.  You can connect between two iOS devices, between an iOS device and an Android device or any other phone capable of sending and receiving files over bluetooth.

OpenBackup - This is a very useful application specially when you are about to upgrade your iOs and you want to save first all the application.  After you upgrade all the applications installed are wiped out.  This app lets you saves your Cydia packages and settings of your applications and helps backup and restore your phone softwares.

IntelliID - Do you want to know anyone who is bugging on you by miscalling your phone?  Maybe an irrate phone calls which only appears is the number of the phone?  IntelliID is an app you will love. It shows you the called ID of numbers that are not even in your contact list.

Siri - It works on the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 4G, iPod Touch 3G and first generation iPad.  It act as your personal assistant allows you record your voice, gives you directions, send messages, make phone calls and many more!

Grooveshark - It is personal MP3 player.  You can find and play any song on the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad using Grooveshark applicaiton available for iOS exclusively on Cydia. Grooveshark allows you to create playlist, listen to radio and download music for offline listening. You can mark as favorite any song you like and bookmark it.

These are the most basic and most important 2012 cydia apps you need.  I hope you like it.

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