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Cydia spy apps for iPhone


If you are looking for cydia spy apps for iPhone you came into the right place. You can find, download and install all reputable iPhone spy cydia apps here. Check them out and find why they are the best iOS spy app for you.

If you bought an apple device and probably you want to monitor all the activities in it you may like to use iphone spy cydia applications.  Unlike any spyware available on the app-store cydia gives you the freedom to spy on almost every piece of information you can gather from target device.  iOS device has a built in security firmware that does not allow you to break any secured firmware on the iPhone or iPad.  Using Cydia application you can spy on everything.  This is only in one condition, you must Jailbreak you iOs phone.

I will enumerate here all the spy apps you would like to use on your mobile.  They are the most respected spyware developer you could find on the market today.


Spybubble is one of the cheapest spy software in the industry today.  Though price is lower than its competitors you could still enjoy all its nice spy features.  On top of the list is location tracking.  It allows you to locate in real time of the location of the iPhone you want to monitor.  It lets you read incoming and outgoing SMS on the target iOs phone.  You can log every contacts recorded on the phone book.  In this way you will able to know the the different people your phone is constantly communicating.  You will have also the power to record every photos took by the phone.  You can even determine the content of the emails and the history of what the user is browsing on the internet.
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Mobilespy tool is the next generation of Apple spy application. Do you think your child or employee is abusing their SMS privileges or your vehicle? If so, then this software is ideal for you. Install this small program directly on the compatible smartphone you want to monitor and start recording.
Using the Internet capabilities of your phone, recorded activities, logs and GPS locations are quickly uploaded to your Mobile Spy account. To view results, simply login to your secure account on the Mobile Spy web site. Logs are displayed by categories and sorted for easy browsing.
For a small fee, you can also see the phone screen and the location on a map, LIVE. You can then view information phone instantly and remotely control the device. The add-on also allows you to have your logs by email.
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Spyera Spy software one of the best cydia spy apps for iPhone.  If you compare the price Spyera is a little higher compared to the other player in the industry.  This price is I think is just right for the kind of service they provide.  They have the most advance support for iOs device.   In fact they already support iPad 2 and iPad 3 coming out soon.  In relation to the features it supports you can monitor almost every data you want to know using their service.   They monitor and logged every function of the device like SMS, Calling, GPS, Videos, Audio recording, SIM changing, and many more!
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Phone sheriff is another spy application you want to install on your iPhone.  Aside from tracking SMS and GPS location it also empowers you to block some information the user want to view on their phone.  This is great for parents who want to limit the information their children want see / know about in the internet.  You as parents can block pornographic sites.  You could even specify the time you kids can only use the internet.  You can track them anywhere using you user account and worry no more where you are going to find them.
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MobiStealth - if you want to keep an eye of your kids then this cell phone spy software is what you need.  In these days of uncertainty we want to keep track of our children.  We want them to stay safe from home, school, or at work.  You could secretly install this cydia spy application and you will have a special guard for them.  You can track their exact location,  learn who are they constantly calling,  read their text messages, listen to live calls, logged every website they are visiting and many more.
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If you have any cydia spy apps for iPhone you want me to add on our list just leave a comment.


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