Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cydia spy apps 2012

After you Jailbreak your iPhone, now is the time to install cydia spy apps 2012.  These apps can help you enhance all the possible capabilities your phone can do.  Some application in the appstore does not meet our basic spy requirements.  All you need are cydia app to accomplish all spy activities you want to do.

OwnSpy - You can use this as a remote iPhone Spy or Backup utility.  Using this cydia spy app you can locate where is the exact location of the phone using the GPS technology.  You can see the call logs both incoming and outgoing calls.  You can see all the photos save and erased from the memory.  Monitor the contacts is another feature you don't want to miss.  Tracking all the URL visited by the iPhone.

Spyera spy software -  It has a eavesdropping feature where you can listen to lives calls.  When call is made you will received a SMS alert then all you have to do is call the target phone and  boom! you are part of the system.  You will be able to listen all the conversion like you are there right in front of them.  There many features you can benefit from this app.
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Spy Photo - With SpyPhoto you can shoot in less than 1 second, making no noise or allow flash. It is the best option to take pictures without any suspicion.

Just make the gesture that you set (or double tap the status bar by default) to take the picture. You do not even need to be on the camera application, you can shoot from any application or even lockscreen. You can set the action in> SpyPhoto-> Activation methods.

- Taking pictures without any noise.
- Capture images from any application.
- Choose the front or rear camera.
- Enable PopUp confirmation before taking the picture.
- Automatically saves the photo library.

 Mobilespy app - This is a nice cydia spy apps for 2012.  Using this application you will be able to monitor all the photos and videos taken by the phone.  You can see them in a secured server provided provided to you  by the company.  You can play videos recorded earlier.  This amazing app also allows you to read SMS coming in and out of the target phone.  You want more?
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SpyCall CallerID Changer - SpyCall CallerID Changer lets you spoof your Caller ID for free! You can also record your calls, disguise your voice, go straight to voicemail, and more. Supports iPhone/iTouch 2.2+ with local access numbers in 50+ countries.

Mobistealth spy app -  This is another great application you don't want to miss.  Using this application you will be able to track all the calls made by the target phone.  You know the numbers calling both incoming and outgoing.   It also report where is the phone exact location in real time.  You will know also the previous location the phone came vs the real time exact location.

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