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iPhone spy without jailbreaking

Do you want to use your iPhone spy without jailbreaking?  Yes you can but it is not as powerful third party software that can monitor almost every important data you want to know on the target.  These spy app no jailbreak can help you in doing spy thing check them out here.

iphone spy without jailbreaking

Spy Calc - Agilitech LLC - Lets you hide your important pictures and videos behind a working calculator.

- Hide pictures, videos, documents, recordings
- Underlying database stores copies of videos, pictures only once to save space
- Advanced rating system
- Ability to group pictures, videos, documents and recordings
- Keyword tagging and searching
- Multiple language support
Spy Calc - Agilitech LLC

iphone spy without jailbreaking

Just Spy It - Karim Ameziane - The camera walkie-talkie/spy Perfect is finally here!

With this "Just The Spy" kit, you can finally use your iPhone / iPod touch or iPad walkie-talkie mode via Bluetooth! You can connect with up to two other iDevice!

It is astonishing and almost unbelievable what you can do with this app! Not only can you now communicate with an iPhone or iTouch in voice mode, but also in write mode at the same time!

Chat with your friends located a few meters using the walkie or text messages!

Use the spy camera to automatically take pictures while your iDevice seems to be off ... Just set the capture frequency and timeout (default timeout to 60 seconds) before the camera that specificy or out, you want to trigger and then Go!

With the kit "Just The Spy" talkies record your conversations!
Text messages can also fly over bluetooth or even local wireless connection!
In addition, you can now send photos and contacts on both bluetooth and wireless LAN connection!
Make sure you synchronize your device in advance and then "Just Spy"!

It is revolutionary! What do you expect?
Immediately You and your friends to download this application at a ridiculous price, then "It Just Spy"!
You are in the class and ask your device, use "Just The Spy" to send free messages to other devices!
Even if there is no network or wireless phone, you can send your messages with "Just The Spy!"
It is the ideal application to use in all circumstances!
Just Spy It - Karim Ameziane

iphone spy without jailbreaking

Contact Spy - Razix Software - How well do you really know who is in your contact list?

Did you just meet someone and want to know more information about them?

Spy lets you search contact rapidly persons or companies. Who knows what you find?

Have you had a call from a number you do not recognize? Just add the phone number to your contacts and open it in Spy and she will contact a number reverse lookup phone (U.S. only). You will be able to add the result to your contacts so the next time they call, you will know who he is.

Quickly search:
-Addresses (U.S. only)
-Reverse Search Phone Number (U.S. only)

Quickly add a photo, or a web page address you will find the current contact. A great way to fill the missing photos of some of your contacts!

If you want to find someone who is not in your contacts, simply type their name in.

- Results may vary, common names like "John Smith" can not provide relevant results.

- WiFi connection required for iPod
Contact Spy - Razix Software

iphone spy without jailbreaking

Find My iPhone - Apple - If you lose your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or a Mac, the Find My iPhone will allow you to use another IOS device to find and protect your data. Simply install this free application on another device IOS, open, and connect with your Apple ID. Find My iPhone will help you locate your missing device on a map.You can then choose to display a message or a sound, remotely lock your device, or delete your data on it.

Please note that Find My iPhone must be activated in icloud settings on your device so you can locate it with this app.


• Locate your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or on a map 

• Display message on screen
• Play a sound for two minutes at full volume (even if your device is in silent mode)
• remotely lock your device 

• remotely wipe your device to erase your personal data 

Find My iPhone - Apple

iphone spy without jailbreaking

Night Recorder - iPaguri - The great thing about Night Recorder is this application works when the iPhone goes into sleep mode. (for this reason that you can use the recorder spy how too) Even if the screen is off, as the application is running and the ON was armed, you can record all night! Another very cool feature with the application is the ability to connect via WiFi to your recordings so that they can be viewed on PC or Mac.

You have two registration options: More files, creates a new file for each recording session time and duration; single files, create a single file and records continuously on a single file until you end the application, you will find on your iPhone a list of recordings with time and duration to avoid having to spend hours recording silent.

Set the sensitivity level of the microphone and let Recorder Night near you at night (even in standby mode) will record everything that happens.

Recorder of night is the only program that can help you know what happens during these turbulent hours of the night by simply recording what happens while you sleep.
Night Recorder - iPaguri

I hope you could  use these iPhone spy applications without jailbreaking your iPhone.

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