Wednesday, February 29, 2012

iPhone spy bubble mac

iPhone spy bubble work for Mac and PC computer.  Client must have internet connection and a computer to verify all the data and information stored in a secured server provided for him.

How Does it Works ?

It works as a background process and at every Event it sends an XML to a online computer server that stores your XML Information in your Account and that can be viewed later for further evaluation. There are different steps and ways to install SpyBubble Software on your Mobile.

Does SpyBubble work on my phone?
SpyBubble was designed to work on most smartphones and BlackBerries. New models are being made compatible with the system as they become popular. Click here for a list of models and brands compatible with SpyBubble.
Is SpyBubble legal?
It is completely legal as long as you own the phone or have authorization to install SpyBubble on it. 

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