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How to read someone text using cydia step by step procedure

Warning this step by step procedure of “how to read someone text using cydia” might be against the law in your country. Please ask advice from lawyers or legal officers.

Tools you need:

  • Smartphone – The smartphone you want to monitor text message. Unless you own the phone you have to physical access to the phone you won’t be able to proceed to the next procedure. You must be the owner of the phone to avoid any violation of privacy law.

Your smartphone must have features like GPS, internet connection and wifi. Old phones won’t work. Example of smartphone is iPhone. You can choose different kind of smartphones according to the manufactures that you patronage like Nokia, Ericson and Samsung.

  • Computer or any gadget that can access internet – You will need extra device that can access the internet. The extra device will be use to check the text messages gathered by the cydia app that records SMS.

You will need either PC, MAC or Smartphones to access the remote server where the files are recorded do this.

  • Cydia spy application – This is additional software that you will need to install to your smartphone. The phone which you want to track the text messages. Prior to installing the spy application you must jailbreak first your smartphone for apple devices or root your phone for android smartphones.

Right after the cydia spy software is installed, it will upload the monitored text messages to a remote server. You can access it through the code sent to you upon registration.

Which cydia spy application to use?
I highly recommend spybubble cydia spy app. Spybubble is the most affordable cydia out in the market today. In fact you can purchase it in one time only. Unlike any other cydia software you will need to pay a recurring fee monthly. Spybubble is tested through time monitoring every kind of smartphone in the market including Apple and Samsung. You may refer to the official website to find out if yours is mobile is supported.

Spybubble text message spy app does not only track SMS. You can also monitor phone location through GPS monitoring. Another one is you can browse the phone book remotely. Next is you can listen to live phone calls. It also allows you to track mails sent and received. You can check the browsing activity. Finally you can control the mobile remotely.

Remote lets you easily backup phone content or simply erase and manually format the phone in case it contains sensitive files which you don’t want other people to access. It’s very applicable also when your phone was stolen or lost.

If you need more information you may read this Q&A website.

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