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Best cheater app advantages and disadvantages

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If you have been closely following my post, right now you may know the advantages of using the best cheater app in the industry today. If this is the first time you've come into my blog, don't worry I'll discuss it briefly today along with the disavantages.

Best cheater app advantages:

1. Using the technology you can monitor almost everything using the phone he's bringing everyday and the computer from your office or from your home.

2. Instead of hiring a pricy private investigator you will be able to track your cheating partner at a cheaper cost. Plus you will be able to filter any human errors from the records you gathered because it is directly monitored from your spouse mobile phone.

3. It will be more convenient to choose technlogy from tracking your spouse on your own. You can check on your partner anytime anywhere because the phone is track from a remote server where all the data are automatically uploaded without any hint from the phone user.

Every month and every year spy apps upgrade and adds news functionality today here are the features you want to have if yours is the top cheater application

1. Email spying
2. Phone book access
3. Call tracking
4. Sms monitoring
5. Listening to surroundings
6. View pictures
7. Location tracking
8. Internet activities
9. Remote control access
10. Reads Instant messenger
11. Advance feature on changing sim or alert from a certain word

Disadvantage even if you have the best cheater app:
As you can see every events is triggered by the phone usage which is immediately record and uploaded to a remote computer. What if the actions is not technology triggered? What I mean are these actions are things that can't be record by the phone. This time you will have to trust your gut feeling.

Sudden change in appearance - You know the exact routine of your partner. If you noticed that he's putting on some perfume wherever he goes unlike before that he says "I'm allergic to perfume" then maybe theres something new about your partner. Your husband didn't even bother his weight but now he enrolled himself in a training program for weight loss. It's ok to be cautious about health but if it's drastic change then your intution is your friendly neighborhood to listen.

Change of mood - If you notice lately that your spouse is listening to a new kind of music or watching new kind of movies then there's something wrong. If your partner is not doing wrong behind your back then he will share it to you why he 's listening to the music and who influence him. In contrary if he's defensive and he don't want you to share to you who and where he did find his new hobby then maybe he's sharing it with his significant other.

Change in atmosphere in your husband workplace - This situation needs an extra observation and keen knowledge in the environment. You will notice the warm greeting or your partner officemates, there's something fishy. It could be they are pity of the infidelity behind your back. Maybe they know something about your partner and they didn't telling you. It could be the first person you greet when you came to the office.

More time spend in the computer - You may find it ok because he tells you that he has additional work load because of the promotion. In case your spouse stays late then maybe there's something wrong. It could be a cyber affair or affair arranged over the internet. You will notice that he's deleting emails from his computer and he even put password to his personal mail.

A sudden change in the clothes and even underwear used - You will observe that your partner is more choosy with the clothes he wear on. He even change his underwear brand and design. There could be somenone appreciating his clothes and even his underwear.

Whatever happens you must utilize the use of best cheater app (download here) and your intution. It will go handy together when used. Do you have any other ways how you can proved if you spouse is cheating on you. Leave a comment below.

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