Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Spying app for cheating husband saves my marriage and family

I'm so grateful that I found a spying app for cheating husband. It saved my home from heartaches of being broken family and now my marriage keeps stronger everyday.

When did it happen?

I was pregnant with my first child. Life was a breeze. My husband is managing his own mobile repair service. He is so loving and caring to me. He takes care of my needs. He bought me what I want and we are living in a small room we rented as we are just starting our married life. I takes care of his food before going to work and washing our clothes. Everything was fine until...

Something isn't right

Lately I noticed that my hubby was not always at our store. When I ask our employee they would tell my husband just went to the parts supplier to buy things needed for the store. There are times that my husband didn't go home early. Almost everyday he come home at dawn with an excuse that he's working with someone to improve our store. Finally my gut feeling struck me. I notice that I couldn't even find his mobile whenever I want use it. It's always with him even when he's going to the bathroom.

The truth expose

I know it's hard to accept the fact that my husband is cheating on me. My suspicion became more and more stronger until a lady approach me and tell me that my husband is dating someone and he has significant other. When I heard it I feel numb and I can't breathe. It's like the whole world is falling down on me. It's a burst of emotions and feelings that I couldn't think clearly. I ask advice from my close friends and they comfort me. I keep on asking myself why and why me. The truth is I myself have shortcomings that this things happened.

How did I save my marriage and family

The next day I confront my husband. We fight all day and all night but things get worse. He keeps on denying that he didn't cheated me and telling me that I didn't have proof for accusing him. Days pass and situation is still the same. Until one day while browsing the internet about saving marriage I came across an application that allows me to monitor a mobile phone. I became curious and to my persistence I read every details about it. I am determined to install it on my husband phone once and for all.

One night while my husband is sleeping, he left is phone unguarded on his pocket. I took it and bring it with me in the bathroom. In just 5 minutes I was able to download and install the spying app for cheating husband to his phone. Slowly I return to our bedroom, return the phone to his pocket and I sleep praying that I could sop this feeling and solved my problems.

The next morning while he is on his phone, I log in online and see if there's any signs of suspicious text, calls, emails, or web browsing from his phone. I caught him. I record every text messages he and his significant other. I was able to read their exchange of emails. Most of all I was able to listen to their phone conversations whenever they call each other.

Evidence and forgiveness

In one day I was able to record all of his infidelity. I felt miserable and all I can felt was heartaches. The following day I arrange a one on one communication with him. We had a diner. In front of the table while we are eating I started to tell him how much I love him. I want to be with him for the rest of my life with our baby which is 7 mos old. Later in the conversation I told him that I know everything and I am ready to forgive him.

I showed him every details and records of his infidelity. This time he's more humble. He accepted his wrong doing and promised to me that he will never cheat me again. He hug me and kiss me. I'm still hesitant that time but I prayed that my husband will never break his promise again.

Happy Ending

I'm so grateful that I was able to find an spying app for cheating husband that help me to reveal the truth. Without it I wouldn't be able to save my marriage and fix our family. My husband now is working from home dad. I see him everyday because he chooses to be with us everyday.

Guest Post:  Jeannette Pineda
Jeannette is a successful businesswoman.  As of writing Jeannette have two kids.  Edwin her husband is working from home.

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