Wednesday, February 6, 2013

iPhone 5 iOS 6 spy software is now a reality using StealthGenie

The long wait is over. Spy software for iPhone 5 running on iOS 6 or any iPhone updated to latest version can now be monitored using StealthGenie software.

With the recent updates of StealthGenie here comes another first from the most advance spyware in the whole world. StealthGenie is the first cell phone monitoring Software Company that offers iPhone 5 iOS6 tracking.


stealthgenie iphone 5 iOS6 spy software

What to expect?

This company keeps developing their software. They are not only first in supporting all android phone under the sun but now it also caters monitoring every iPhone on earth. I had many emails and even Facebook chat question about tracking iPhone 5 before now here’s the solution. This software lets you monitor your latest iPhone 4s if you updated it to the latest version or any iPhone that’s running on the latest iOs 6.

SMS tracking – I am amaze by this software. It is the only software that allows you to track text message and update you if there is any word that you want to monitor on the iPhone text messages. They call the feature ‘trigger alert’. This is great if you want to see if there are any suspicious text messages like leaking company information to your competitor. This also helps you to know if your child is bullied at school or he’s the one bullying their school mate.

Online chat monitoring – Stealth recently updated their software in tracking iMessage and whatsapp messenger which adds more value to your money. It also supports Gmail application. Most of the time online messages contain intimate post. This helps you see if someone is courting your teenager without your knowledge. This also allows you uncover secrets that might endanger your kids.

Location Tracking – Do you want to know where you kids go after school? Do they really go to the library with an alibi of researching for their homework? With this first of its kind technology you will know the exact location of your kids in real-time. It also track the location of your workforce outside your office if they really attending to your customers. This is a complete tracking device that lets you know the history of the phone route throughout the day. Now you will know where they are heading and their whereabouts without leaving your home by secretly following them or hiring private investigator.

Phone conversation and surroundings recording- How do you catch a fish? If your answer is through their mouth you’re right. Catch your employee red handed by recording their phone conversation with your competitor. Once you get the evidence there’s no way your employee can deny it to you. This is also great if you want to record their meeting conversation. You can simply enable the microphone of the phone remotely and record any audio or conversation up to 15 ft radius.
I’m so glad this StealthGenie keeps us updated to the ever changing technology in the mobile world. StealthGenie is always changing and renewing for the better.

With this iPhone 5 iOS 6 spy software update for the latest iOS firmware, I’m so excited to know their next update. Which update you would like to see next? Post it below so you might get heard.


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