Friday, February 8, 2013

Best spy gadget to monitor android phone – find out why?

Are you searching online for the best spy gadget to monitor your android phone? There are many reasons why it’s the most popular android spyware and this could be the reason too why would you like it to be your monitoring software for your android phone.

In connection to the latest update of StealthGenie as the first company to support iPhone 5 or any iPhone that runs on iOS 6 version do you know that they are the first too to develop the software that supports Android phone? This is the very reason why they are the most superior spyware and the best of its kind compared to any of its rivalry in the industry.

Top reasons why many customers choose it in tracking android phone

 Economical – People tend to buy cheap products. It is because our economy is in deep danger we should be extra careful in spending our hard earned money to useless software. Recession and the upcoming fiscal cliff will decide how we spend on things that matter to us. StealthGenie knows this that’s why they are selling their software to an affordable price that each one of us can afford it. You can use the software at .27$/day for basic subscription, .43$/day for gold subscription and .54 $/day platinum package for a year subscription which is not bad at all when at stake is the security of your loved ones and the success of your business. Every single penny is valued by this software that‘s why they are constantly developing their software to give you the best features for your benefits.

User friendly – Using this software doesn’t need any special training. There’s no rocket science in using this software. You can access the software using any computer that has internet connection from anywhere in the world. Once you log in using your username password you can immediately view the information like SMS, calls, phonebook, and location of the phone under surveillance. See the live demo here and see for yourself how it is easy to use it. Even your Grandma can use it.

Trusted – More and more people are using this android spy software. This is widely used in our home and offices.

sarah frye testimonialsSarah Frye CEO used the software to catch her employees. Here is her testimonial “I caught my employee cheating and sharing our client lists with competitors. Thanks to StealthGenie, I had emails, BBM conversations and meeting records plus I knew exactly whom they were visiting and when due to StealthGenie's cell phone tracking capabilities.”

james nelson testimonialsJames Nelson a father used this software to save his son from unseen danger ahead “I installed StealthGenie on my teenage son's phone and by reading his text messages and listening to his phone calls, I found out that he was mixing with the wrong crowd in school. The Geo Location feature led me to his exact location and I managed to save my son from possible abuse.”
Features that standout above the rest

Instant Messaging monitoring – When for instance the phone user would like to hide something from you by using instant messaging through whatsapp messenger well he’s wrong. StealthGenie log every message sent and received through whatsapp.

Gmail app monitoring - This software does not only support common email application but It also supports Gmail which is also used every day in our home and in our office. Never miss any information leaked by your unfaithful employee. Get the evidence and confront them right away.

Alert and Notification – Unlike any competitors this software alert you for every word or cell phone numbers you want to monitor that appears on the phone under surveillance. You won’t find this from any other spyware. How can you use it? Well if you suspect your child is smoking just input weed, cigarette, and marijuana as trigger words.

Location tracking using GPS technology – Aside from learning the real time location of the phone, this software reports to you the whereabouts of the phone as well as the routes during the day. This is great for tracking your employees working in the field.

Remote Control – Once the software is installed you can control it from a distance. This is great if your phone was stolen. You can easily send a code to lock it or immediately back up and wipe out every data that is important to you.

Conversation recording – Common spyware allows you listen to phone conversation but now allows you to record it. Using StealthGenie you can record it and get the evidence you need. You can even record phone surroundings if your subject is inside a room talking someone else.

The features discussed above are the top reasons why StealthGenie is the best spy gadget to monitor android phone. Do you have more reasons why StealthGenie spy software is best for android? Just post below in my comment box.

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