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Best iphone apps for spying texts - Protect Your teen from sexting

Best iphone apps for spying texts

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Get yourself the top iPhone sms spy apps; it can help you monitor your teen’s text messages and photos on their iphone. You should know it first before things get worst. Stop sexting using these spywares.

Sexting is a term that refers to the action of exchanging sexually explicit text messages and photos between two mobile phones or other forms of media. Through the advancement of technology sent text messages and images can be publicly available in a second and can never be erased throughout your entire life. Uncensored text messages can be rampant in your teen iPhone and much worst is there could be nude photos of her that she might send to sex offenders and get spread throughout popular social sites like Facebook and Twitter.

“Prevention is better than cure” this is a popular saying that you must not take for granted. This is specially what is stake is the privacy and security of your teen. Whether your child is a boy or is a girl both party might suffered from sexting if it wasn’t avoided.

What are the penalties for sexting?

Sex offenders storing images and holding photos of minors on their iPhone could tag as Sex Offender for twenty to thirty years. Creating, holding and spreading pictures is considered grounds for child pornography this include minors. Please be guided that even if your child is under age they could be charge according to the law.

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What are the effects of Sexting to victims?

• This could affect their self-esteem and self-image
• They will avoid to go to school or go out of your home
• They will stop meeting new friends and will isolate themselves from others
• The most severe is they commit suicide because of embarrassment

In news a girl named Jesse Logan eighteen years of age commited suicide because of sexting. This tragedy starts when she found out that his boyfriend is passing around her nude pictures in email. After she broke up with his boyfriend the boy spread the pictures to others girls from another school. Bullying, name calling and all sorts of harassing happens to her which totally depressed her. She appears to a T.V. To tell what she feels about the scandal and after two months she commits suicide.

Use the best iphone apps to spy text messages and photos to protect your child

Cell phones and internet are the most common medium of criminals. The only way to combat this kind of problem is to use specialized software that lets you track your child iphone usage. Top spy apps will allow you to track every activity on their phone. Sms spying is one of them. This feature lets you track the messages going in and out of their phone. Below are apps I recommend for your iPhone tracking.

Spybubble – Is by far the best seller cell phone spy software today. You can have it an affordable price. It is easy to use and straight forward to install. It allows you to monitor photos and videos recorded on the iphone phone.

StealthGenie - This software will record the text messages incoming and outgoing too. Aside from spying iphone text messages, it also allows you to send SMS from your target phone to any phone you want to gather more additional information. Track images and recorded videos of iPhone.

Both iPhone SMS spyware lets you search the phone text database according to keyword. If you suspect your child is using marijuana you can search the word marijuana and see if your child is really smoking. Recorded photos and videos are immediately uploaded to your user account upon registration. You can playback them and see if there is any possible occurrence of sexting.

The safety and protection of your child is in your hands. You can act now and save your child from unseen embarrassment from sexting or you could ignore it and wait till it happens. Do you have any idea how you can avoid sexting from your child iPhone? Please share it below in my comments box.


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