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How does cheating spouse app work?

Reader Question: “[How does cheating spouse app work?]”

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Hello! Today I receive an email from our dear reader asking "How does cheating spouse app work?” Before I answer that I want thank you all for keep on visiting and reading my blog. Now, I will answer that question and will provide you easy to use software if you want it too.

What is a cheating spouse application in the first place?
This is monitoring software that is installed on your Smartphone. So, this for various phone like iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows phone and many others. There are different kinds of cheating spouse software but what I recommend most is Spybubble.

Why Spybubble?
Easy to use – I has a very nice and clean user interface. It designed to work for non technical users and you didn’t have to undergo special training to use it.
Supports a wide range of Smartphones – As I have discussed above it supports all the advanced cell phones and not too advance cell phones too. See the compatibility section of Spybubble to know more of the different mobile supported by the software.
Affordable - You can afford it. In fact you will have to pay only once. No recurring fees. No additional fees if you want to add more devices to monitor and even no maintenance fee at all.

I would like to remind you that there many cheating spouse app for iPhone roaming online. Please be cautious in choosing the right spy software. Some have even tag like free cheating spouse spy app for android but in fact there are no free spy software. It's either you will find an app that provide in accurate result or a scam software that never work.

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Do you know that infidelity cases rises over the past fifty years? It's a very delicate issue and no one would want to announce their failure in their marriage as it will only worsen the pain and heartache within their family members. There were approximately 22% of married men committing infidelity and 14% engaged women have had third party affairs at least once.

Requirement before installation
Prior to installation of this cheating husband app for any of your Smartphone you must first unlock the phone. What I mean about unlocking is "Jailbreaking" for iPhone and "Rooting" for Android phone. Other than iPhone and Android you must check the instructions on how to install the software. Most of the time you will fill up the form together with the information of the phone you are going to monitor. Right after subscription you will receive the instructions to your email on to install the software on your phone. Once installed it will work in the background of the phone without any notification, icons, sounds etc that will tell the phone user a spyware is installed.

How cheating spouse spy software works?
Text spy app - The most basic and yet powerful feature is monitoring the SMS send and received by the phone under surveillance. If you want to know the third party cell phone numbers, time, date and content of messages just check this part of the program.

Call logging - This will tell you every phone call, the time and date and the cell phone number used. Advance features include listening to live conversation. This is very useful if you want to catch your partner red handed.

Phonebook access - Cheating husband apps allows you to see the phone numbers saved to the phone memory. You will see any suspicious names and numbers stored and to monitor when your spouse is using their phone.

Location monitoring - If your spouse is always going to gym and in fact there's no change to his physique I think there's something wrong. Another one situation is if he is always late home with an excuse of overtime in their office but he's not getting any promotion or additional incentives. If you suspect your partner is doing something behind your back check his location. This software will tell you in real time exact location and see if your husband is really doing paper work or just meeting his lover secretly.

Right after the phone activity has been made the spy software will automatically upload the gathered information to a secured server where you can access using your username and password created upon registration.

spybubble features

The four features I discuss above are only some of the salient feature you should look for a cheating spouse application. To know more visit Spybubble official page.

I am passionate in mobile spy software and lately I came across this program called flexishield cheating spouse app and tiger text app droid. The product creator told that this software is inspired by the latest incident happened to a great golf player Tiger Woods. I am not sure about it but in my opinion it will only tolerate our partner to cheat on us. How this tiger text software work is it will hide any SMS receiving by the phone and stored it in a secret place on the phone. Flexishileld will mute the phone if there's any incoming call or text to hide that someone is calling or texting and it will also hide the logs on the phone. This software will totally hide all your extra relationship to your poor partner.

Its looks like it jive with a book "Cheat: A Man's Guide to Infidelity." In page twenty three of the book is says "So when you get these basic human urges to cheat, everything you've ever learned about love prods you to think it's contradictory to being a decent person. That's bull*****. And it's the media's fault."
I know this is ridiculous but this book tells us that infidelity has some extent of degree as to what married couple agrees in their relationship. You must not be sloppy in doing extra marital marriage! So what do you think? Leave your comment below if you have any opinion about it.

I hope I answered the question of our dear reader until my next post.

Have a great day to all!

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