Tuesday, October 16, 2012

iPhone Dropped in Lake for Six Months Still Works

It seems like iPhone from the tech giant Apple have something to boast other than the popularity it now holds. Behind iPhone’s aesthetically proportional dimensions and high quality user interface is a durable circuitry that can withstand adverse environmental conditions. An iPhone user dropped his unit in the lake last April and after six months of being submerged in the water, his phone still turned on. He shared this amazing story on Reddit and many commentaries have followed.

iPhone Image:  freedigitalphotos.net

According the owner, the phone fell into a six-feet deep water. When the water level went down, he searched for his phone and wiped it. When he reached home, he plugged the unit and it miraculously turned on. The screen got fudged up and it failed to connect to other units such as computer. Unfortunately, the speakers are not working too. He solicited some advice from the people and here is what they said.

Apple has always been lenient with their customers before. When a unit is damaged, even if it was caused by the user’s negligence, there is still a high possibility that you will get a replacement. Nowadays, you will not get any tolerance unless you apply AppleCare for iPhone products.
Some user claimed that since the previous rule was scratched out, Apple became strict in servicing damaged products. The past rule of Apple is plain and simple and it seemed very friendly especially to those who have tight budgets but still wanted to own a smart phone.

Other leading brands of phone will just give you a limited service warranty of your purchase. Those who experienced the leniency of Apple before are wondering why the techie giant has to tighten its belt given the fact that its products are preferred by millions of consumers.
Apple units still remain on top of the technology battle between other companies. If you are advocate of Apple technology, feel free to share this post.

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