Monday, October 15, 2012

Erase Your Doubts with Mobistealth

As much as possible, parents like to track their children to ensure their safety. Keeping them away from the dangers life brings is not always that easy to do. Mobilestealth helps you to achieve that security you want for your children. It is software that keeps track of the activities a person engages to. Even if you are away from child, Mobistealth aids you in monitoring their ventures. It helps you give the peace of mind you’ve always wanted.

mobistealth mobile phone spy
mobistealth mobile phone spy

Mobistealth not only provides cellphone spyware but also computer monitoring software, perfect for business purposes. It includes features that ensure full monitoring with either phone or computer activities.

  • It enables you to have knowledge about the phone’s or computer’s surrounding by activating the microphone from which you listen to

  • If you have internet access, you can view any data you wish to from any point in the planet.

  • You can have access to the phone’s log and be able to see the messages, video and picture sent and monitor every call.

  • You can have a full knowledge about your target’s whereabouts 24/7. This means that you can save your children from online threats or monitor your employee’s activities.

  • You can discretely keep an eye on all online Chat messengers

  • Skype calls and computer surroundings can also be recorded.

  • It enables you to have a look on the record of sent and received emails.

It simply works by sending information to back to your Mobistealth account. In just minutes you can download and install it in your phone or computer. And it won’t run you a lot of money, all it takes is around $0.50 a day for that assurance you always seek. This software is compatible for youriPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows Mobile phones. Mobistealth Cell Phone and Computer Monitoring Software is your ultimate all-in-one and cost effective solution in all your surveillance demands. Help parents and ordinary people by giving out info about Mobistealth. Share this on Facebook or tweet on Twitter.


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