Saturday, October 13, 2012

Apple Keeps the Crowd Hanging With the iPad Mini Release

In this time and age, the tech scene has always been alive with the “what’s up” and “what’s in” news about gadgets being conceived every now and then. Clouding up the scene right now is the rumours about the launch of the iPad mini, keeping the crowd hyped out.

ipad mini
ipad mini

The iPad mini or as they call it otherwise, iPad air could possibly be the smallest tablet Apple has to offer. It is speculated to have a screen that is 7.85 wide. There has not been any news yet about its specs and the features it has to offer. What is certain is that it would come with a lower price as compared to the iPad tab. Because it is supposedly a small version of the iPad tab, it is rather safe to assume that it has the same sleek design that is definitely in for the stylish crowd. Having a smaller package, it would then have a lighter weight. This feat would make it more handy and perfect on the move. The convenience that it can offer only adds up to our expectations.

What has gotten to the people is the news of the sending out of invitations, supposedly last October 10. It has come pass the tenth of October and still no confirmations of the invites being sent out. Pundits say that a press event is scheduled by Apple which would take place on the 23rd of October. The crowd holds expectations that the iPad mini/iPad air would finally be brought to light in this day.A reach out for Apple has been made and still not having a say about the rumour. Definitely Apple is holding the excitement for the crowd. What we can do now is just keep ourselves posted and wait and see what is yet to come.

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