Tuesday, September 25, 2012

iPhone cydia spy camera software - view any suspicious image to keep your teen secured!

Secure your teens using this iPhone cydia spy camera program. View every picture taken and evaluate if there is any threat ahead teen’s life acquaintances. See how to setup.

iPhone cydia spy camera software
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• Do you want to protect your kids by merely viewing their pictures taken in their iPhone?
• Do you want to have a backup of the entire pictures taken by their iPhone?
• Which software to use and how to install?

Through the advancement in technology cell phones like iPhone was the favorite of most people like your teenager. Using their iPhone they can do a lot of things. They can send and receive text messages. Make phone calls. Listen to music and even take pictures. Do you know that just by viewing your teen’s pictures taken can save her from any untoward mistakes in the future?

Yes it’s true. Teenagers usually take pictures of important events, places or things. They also take pictures of important people in their lives. These pictures can give you hint what is your teen’s is doing whenever they are away from home. All you need to do is to have extra time to browse every picture on the phone memory. If you see any friends drinking alcohol or smoking marijuana you should think twice. There’s a saying that “Birds of the same feather flocks together”. I experienced it. My sister used to go out with people who love to have tattoo. In three months she has her tattoo.

If your teens is going out to people who take drugs and alcohol there is a greater chance that they might tempted and taste it little by little and unknowingly get hook forever. See every picture and find out if there is any suspicious things, places, person on it. You will have to make some background check of every person if you are not familiar with them. This lessens the chance of your Teenager get into trouble. You can simply avoid them going out or immediately give some advice. If your kids are secretive and choose to go underground then this is your problem. You cannot easily access their iPhone and therefore you should spy their pictures secretly.

Using Spybubble spy software you can automatically have a backup copy of every pictures taken by their iPhone. You only need at least 5 to 10 minutes time to install the software. Make some alibi so can install the program. Once installed the spy software works silently and the iPhone user wouldn’t notice any difference. He wouldn’t see any additional process on the system, no beeps, no sounds etc. It’s totally stealth. Whenever your teens take some pictures it is immediately uploaded to your online account where you can access using your username and password.

Spying pictures in only part of Spybubble features to learn more GO HERE

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