Wednesday, September 26, 2012

iPhone employee monitoring software without jailbreak

Do you want to monitor your employee’s iPhone without using jailbreak software? Do you want to make it stealth and hidden without giving hint of its existence in their mobile phone? Let me guide you here.

iPhone employee monitoring software without jailbreak


• Do you think your employees are slacking during office hours?
• Do you want to know why your business operation has high phone bills?
• Do you think your employee is loyal to you?

Employee monitoring software is one of the most sought applications in cydia today. It is popular because of its many applications. One of the very reasons why it is admired is because of its usefulness in business operations. Businessman and business minded person like you will benefit from using this spyware. The above questions I outlined above are some of the problems you can solve by using this spy program.

Cell Tracker advance spy software is intelligent software you can use when you don’t want to jailbreak your target phone. This is your solution if your target phone is out of reach or you don’t want to edit anything on your target phone to achieve stealth mode. Since most of the spyware requires you to have access to the phone prior to installation, cell tracker is the reverse. You can monitor your target iPhone without access, downloading software, and editing your target phone system.
Cell tracker can help you improved your workforce performance. You can monitor their move in your office or in the field. Cell tracker lets you know your employees daily routines. You will know if someone is slacking when there is job to be done. How? You will see if someone is chatting, browsing the internet or log in to Facebook during office hours using their iPhones.

Do you wonder why you have high phone bills? Using this spy software you will know how your employees use their calling privileges. You will know if any of them making long distance call for personal interest. In this way you will know who to call their attention and make some changes in their calls. In the monitored logs you will know the cell phone numbers use, the caller and the receiver of the call.

If you think someone in your organization is leaking information to your competitors just tap this spyware. You can verify your employee’s loyalty to your company and see if there’s any mole in your business. Information gathered can help you in confronting your employees or can be used in legal court if desired.

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