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Best phone tracking app for iphone – One stop solution for iPhone spying

There are many iPhone spy apps available on the internet but which is the best phone tracking app for iPhone?  Spy app has become a daily necessity in our daily lives.  It offers great features that allow you to log every calls, track SMS text messages, listen to live calls conversation and the capability to read the content of emails, chat and SMS messages.


First of all this software works also in Blackberry, Android, Symbian and different Smartphone that runs on different platforms.

Important feature that good spy apps for iPhone is “spy call” the lets you activate the microphone of the phone remotely and listen to the surroundings of an iPhone.  You will be able to track and know the different websites the phone’s user is browsing on the internet.  It also lets you access the phonebook where all the contacts stored on phone memory can be retrieved remotely.

Spy app installation requires you to jailbreak your iPhone to be monitored before you can install the spy applications.  Don’t worry “Jailbreaking” is an easy process.  There are many tutorials on how to Jailbreak your iPhone.  I highly recommend iClarfied website.  If you think you can’t follow the tutorial you can go here, they will assist you in your Jailbreaking at a minimum fee.  iClarified site provides a lot of step by step ways to free your iPhone from built in restrictions of Apple mobile phone.  The reason why do you want to jailbreak your phone is to be able to run the spy apps in stealth mode.  Once jailbreak you can right away install the spy app just like any app you installed on your iPhone.  All in all Jailbreaking and installing the spy app will take you 15-30 minutes.

After installation of spy application you may like to give away it to employees which you think dishonest to your company.  You can get the evidence once and for all and confront him before he has done a lot of damage to your business.  Also, you may like to handover it to a member of your family like your teenager kids.  In this way you can monitor them if they are behaving themselves at school or at home.  You will know every move your children do and as parents it is your responsibility to protect them.  Might as well you give the phone to your spouse, if you think that your husband is cheating on you then this is the best way to find the truth.  Stop sleeping uneasy because of doubts and worries running in your mind.  Use spy app and live free from fears and tensions from your environment!

The application will send the entire information to a remote computer where you can access it using any computer with internet access and the username and password you created earlier during the registration.  Another great feature spy app offer is allows you to retrieve deleted data from the iPhone to a computer.  This is especially useful to recover lost data or DELETED text messages which are intentionally did to hide something from you.

Top spy app for iPhone is here to help you and make your life easier than before.  Monitoring employees or loved one can be as easy as 1 2 3.  You can find them at once especially when in unsafe situation.  You can track how your kids use their phone.  You can gather evidence to confront dishonest spouse or employee.  Every activity on the phone is monitored and stored in a safe place where you can access anytime and anywhere!

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