Saturday, August 18, 2012

iPad spy without installation – Hoax or fact?

Is there a new technology where you can use iPad spy without installation to the target phone?  Does it really work?

ipad spy without installation


Spying on iPad without physical is still in the shadow.  There is no software or application that can do it right now.  For now there is only one application that could remote install spyware but up to date doesn’t support the iPad gadget.

•    Do you want to spy an iPad without installing any spy app on the phone?
•    Do you want to remotely track the phone even without physical access?
•    What is the difference between this software compared to conventional cell phone spyware?

Since tracking iPad is not possible only through software installation check this advance iPad spyware which can do almost anything in tracking iPad.

As for remote spying Cell tracker is a new spy company that offers cell phone spyware in the spy industry.  It reinvent the spying software which is very useful too if you don’t have physical access to the phone you want to monitor.  As of today Cell tracker supports jailbreak iPhone, rooted android, Palm OS , Symbian, Blackberry and windows mobile OS.

How it works?

•    First you must register and download the spy software.
•    Install the software on YOUR phone.  Since you have no physical access to the target phone, install it on your monitoring phone.
•    Make a phone call to the target phone.  This time to must ensure that it will not be answered within 30secs to allow pairing from your phone to the target phone.
•    Finally whenever the target uses his mobile like chat , calling , Emailing etc. you will receive a buzz, a report for each phone activity directly to your monitoring phone.

What is the advantage of this software compared to conventional spyware?

First you need not to access phone especially if the target phone is not available or is from another location.  Unlike the standard spy phone software you MUST have the phone within your reach to install the software.  Second your reports are immediately sent to your monitoring phone.  You will not need to use computers or any gadgets to connect to the internet and access your online spy service account and view activities of the target phone.  Finally it is the cheapest spyware.  It is cheaper than the cheapest conventional spy software.

To learn more about the features and supported phones visit:  Cell tracker spyware

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