Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Best spy cam app iPad – sneaky spy cam

Top ipad spy cam app can give you the evidence you need in a stealth way.  Find the truth and uncover hidden secrets using your iPad.

best spy cam app ipad


•    Do you want to spy using the ipad camera?
•    Do you want to view photos taken by the phone?
•    Do you want to transform your ipad into a spy cam?

Spying on anyone can mean a lot to a person.  The results will decide the fate of the person under spy.  Without buying additional equipment or spy gadget let me guide you how you use your existing gadget the iPad in your spying mission.

Before we continue let me introduce to you first the best spy cam software you will use for your iPad the “Spyera Spy phone software”.  Spyera is one of the longest cell phone spy service provider in the market today.  You can’t go wrong using it.  It has a long list track record in market which many happy customers continuously enjoying.  Up to date Spyera is the top choice in spying iPad.

Spy cam features:
•    View photos taken – Using spyera software you can secretly view taken by the iPad under spy.  If you lend your phone to your kids, you can see the people your children mingling with.  This will give you the idea the kind of people they are with when you are not around.  If you suspect that your employees are slacking during offices hours just tap this software and find out any pictures of indolence.

•    Remote control – once installed on the iPad, you can control it anywhere and anytime you like using your PC.  Using your creative side and imagination hide it without being notice in any part of your house and see any activities in your home if you wish to monitor your children.  You can send SMS command to your iPad for taking pictures, sending sms, making phone calls etc.   Now you have a spy cam in an instant!

This ipad spy cam can change the course of fate of your children.  You will know if they are maltreated by your housemaid when you are not home.  You will know which people your teenager with whenever you are away.  This gives your love ones security and in return peace of mind for you.

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Anonymous said...

cool, had not realized I have that on my iPad!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome Spy Cam that I can utilize from my iPad. I had no idea about this app until I read this article. Thanks!

RIAZ UDDIN said...

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