Friday, August 17, 2012

Best way to spy on text messages – Manual or automatic?

Which is the best way to spy on text messages?  While some prefer to use the manual mode, more and more people are jumping into the bandwagon of using automatic technique!  Why?


People that are not currently aware of the new technology are still in the shadow of tracking text messages.  They still use the manual way of tracking text messages and that is by sneaking on the phone when the user is not around.  This strategy is gruesome.  It only endangers you from being caught and punished by the phone user.  In the case of tracking your relatives like your children this incident can only heighten the gap between both parties.  In some instances if you and your kids have great communication you can easily peek on their phone.  This doesn’t give you the assurance that they are doing wrong behind your back.  They could delete every tracks that might give you clue like delete every text messages, call logs, browser history on their phone.  They could even put username and password not familiar to you so you could not access the emails.

Why do want to monitor them in first case?  It only boils to one thing.  You want protect them at all times!  Let them enjoy what they want to do as kids but you must a draw a line between good and evil.  They can browse the internet on their phone but off limits to adult materials.  They can chat online on their phone but please avoid strangers.  There are many online predators who want to take advantage and you don’t want to daughter to be a victim right?  Using their phone they can send emails they want to hide something from you.  It could be a problem that needs adult supervision.  You as parents know the capability of your kids.  Let it be if you know it will help them grow as a better person.  For bigger problems you must be there to guide them, but how will you know if you have no idea that there is?

Use automatic!  Yes using automatic software you will gain more peace of mind.  You will not need to sneak on their phone to know what they are dealing with.  Using software like “Spybubble software” you will know every details on how your kids during the day.  Once installed on their every phone, activities are logged in a secure online computer where you can access using any gadget or computer.  Reports include send and received text messages.  This lets you know if they are bullied at school and on their phones.  You can immediately give some advice to your son or if you find it very intimidating you can do some appropriate actions in their school office.  If you suspect that your kids are accessing adult content on their phone from the internet, just tap this software.  You will know every website visited like facebook, yahoo, twitter etc.  The spy software also gives you report on every chat messages.  Through it you will know if your teens are chatting to strangers.  You must be very vigilant.  There are many online crime happens almost every day and you don’t want your teens to be the next victim.

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