Monday, July 9, 2012

How to record text messages using cydia – installation tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to record text messages using cydia.  Recording text messages of your iPhone SMS usage can do a lot thing!

how to record text messages using cydia


•    Do you want to record the incoming and outgoing text messages from your iPhone or iPad?
•    Do you want to know the messages contents?
•    Do you want to know the cell phone numbers and the names assigned to it?

Follow my step by step procedure below:

1.    You need software that can record all your SMS.  To start with register here.  The spy software is called Spybubble.

2.    After registration you will receive a download link.  Save the link first in your notepad or any word processor.

3.    Hold now the phone you want to spy.  Using its browser go to the link where you can download the SMS spy app.  Download and install the software.  Follow the onscreen procedure.  This will take more or less five minutes to finish.

4.    Finally log in to the website and see the logs created every you send and receive any messages.

5.    If it is successful congratulate yourself!

Where you can use this spy application?

  • You can use this software as your personal secretary – You don’t have to remember everything you send and received from your iPhone.  In worst case scenario, if your suffer memory loss this could help you a lot.
  • You can use this software in monitoring your kids’ phone usage.  After installation handover the phone to your daughter or your son.  If there is any unwanted text messages in their phone you will know that they are into trouble.  You can easily arrange your time schedule and spend some time with them.
  • You can use this software in tracking employee’s productivity – Using the software you will know if they using their phones privileges’ usage for their own interest.  Sending text messages not related to business operation.
  • If you suspect that your partner is flirting with someone just tap this software.  It works discreetly and you will be able to review any text messages secretly to see if he is really with anyone.
I hope I shed some light on how to record text messages using cydia.  To learn more go here or you can start to record your text messages download here.

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