Monday, July 9, 2012

Best iPhone spy software cydia

Download here the best iphone spy software cydia.  Cydia app is better than apple spy app.  The very reason is app from the appstore is limited in functions. 

best iphone spy software cydia


•    Do you want cydia spy software?
•    Do you know the difference from the app in the app store to cydia app?
•    What are the different features of a good spy app?

Spying on your iPhone really defend on how good a spy app is.  If you’ve been using spy app from the app store I’m sure it working but is limited to what you needs.  Why is that?  Apple company has embedded on their phone OS a piece of software which secure the phone itself.  This software prohibits app developer to create much deeper hack to the phone features.  Results, it can only provide some service but is limited to some extent.

The best way to spy an iPhone is by using cydia spy software.  Why cydia?  Since you already jailbroken your iPhone, you can install this software and it can do a lot of functions compared to the appstore spy app.  Through the process of jailbreaking you liberated the phone from allowing the cydia app to modify the phone function to its full capabilities.  You will not be limited to a certain functions but you will be amazed how this spy software works.

To spot a good spy app here are some of the different features you should look for:

•    SMS logging – Allows you access and read incoming and outgoing text messages discreetly.

•    Call logging – Lets you see the calls logs.  This includes the cell phone numbers, the names assigned to it, the date and the time calls were made.

•    Location tracking – This feature lets you track the whereabouts of the phone user.  You will know his moves the whole day and the real time location.

•    Phone book access – Allows you access the phone book.  You will know the names assigned to cell phone numbers.

•    Photo and Video monitoring – Allows you to see the pictures taken by the phone.  It also allows you to playback videos recorded earlier.  You will know the time and date this photos and videos created on the phone memory.

•    Internet monitoring – It allows you to monitor all the browser activity.  It included the URL visited, time and duration each site was browse.  You will have access to chat messages and even emails messages.

•    Remote monitoring – This feature lets you send SMS command to the phone.  This very handy if your phone was lost and still you want to save a backup from your phone to the computer server.  If the phone was stolen you can immediately send an erase command to the phone memory if you will.

These are only some of the best feature you should guard in choosing cydia spy software.  To learn more visit best cydia iPhone spy software or you may download now!

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