Tuesday, July 3, 2012

App to spy on texts – Is it hoax or fact?

It is hard to believe up to date that there is an app to spy on texts.  Unless you are computer inclined or love watching movies like “James Bond” you wouldn’t believe till you see it with your own eyes.

app to spy on texts


•    Can you really spy on cell phones?
•    Can you spy like James Bond?
•    Is there an app that exist that let you spy on texts?

The answer to all of these questions is yes!  In this computer age almost everything and anything is possible!  Man developed a lot of software and programs that can make your life easier.  One of the best examples is cell phone. 

Cell phones bridges the gap of communication between two people in different places.  You can easily talk to anyone by simply dialing the cell phone numbers.  You can send short messages wherever you are to keep your loved ones updated about you.  If you want advanced features you could buy smart phones.  Using smart phones you can take pictures and record videos too with high quality output.  You can connect to the internet, browse website, send mails, chat, Facebook and play Youtube videos.  You can use the GPS embedded on the phone to navigate from one place to another just in case you are lost in a city or in a jungle.
With the advance technology in the smart phone you can spy on it like James Bond!  Yes you can without being caught on the act.  You can hack any cell phone you would like without being notice.  All you need is just to install an application on the target phone and you are set to go.  You can perform spy activities even without proper training.  You can go far from using this SMS spy software.

Yes using a SMS spy application you can read incoming and outgoing text messages.  It includes the content, date and time text messages were logged into the phones internal memory.  These text messages are immediately uploaded to a computer where you can access by entering your username and password created upon registration.  Another cool thing with this software, even if the messages are intentionally deleted you can still retrieved it using this text message spy software.

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