Thursday, July 26, 2012

Detect mobile android spy apps - Tutorial

Detecting if your android mobile has spy apps on it is not a rocket science.  Follow my step by step tutorial and find out if you are under radar without your permission.

Detect mobile android spy apps


First and foremost important to remember is don’t lend your phone to anyone.   Spy apps for android can be installed if only your stalker has physical access to your phone.  This doesn’t mean that you can relax, remember it only take minutes to install the spyware so always keep your phone on your sight.  Once installed it will work silently no beep, no additional icon and no additional system processes, don’t worry I have more tips below.

Second, always monitor your GPRS connection.  If you see sudden spike in your phone bills specially the data consumption then there could be a spyware on your android.  Spy app continuously sends data logs to a remote spy server at an interval time using your GPRS connection.  If you’re rarely browse internet, download music, app or videos, then spy app might be the reason.       
Third is check if your battery drains faster than before.  If phone last for at least 3 days then one day it works like 1 to 2 days, chances are spy app in installed on your phone.   Since spy software regularly sends spied data from your phone to a remote server, it needed a lot of power to operate at the expense of your battery life span.     

These tips did not cover all ways to check if android spy app is installed on your phone.  The best way to know is to learn how this mobile android spy application works.  Visit android spy app to learn more…

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