Thursday, June 14, 2012

How cydia app turns an iphone cam into spy tool - tutorial

It’s amazing to know that iPhone and iPad has made a great role in our daily lives.  We use from it sending text messages and making phone calls.  Do you know that you can use it as spy tools too?  In this tutorial I will teach you how cydia app turns iPhone cam into spy tool.

cydia app turn iphone cam into spy tool


•    Do you want to spy on someone using the iPhone cam?
•    Do you want to view the photos taken by the iPhone?
•    Do you want to have a copy or back up of every picture taken by the phone?

If these are the problems on your mind, then I have a solution for you.  If you already Jailbreak your iPhone then all you need is a cydia app.  How will you know if your phone is Jailbroken?  Just glide to all the icons and see if there’s a cydia app icon installed, this verify that phone is Jailbreak.  Now there are many cydia app available on the cydia store, don’t worry I made the hard work for you of researching the best application that will work for this kind of job.

This spyware doesn’t need an introduction because it earned its reputation as one of the most download and use by Parents and employers as well.  I highly recommend StealthGenie Spy software.

How it works?

First you must register to the site where you can get the cydia app.  Go here.  Next you will receive a download link.  Hold now the phone you will use as spy cam.  Using the browser, download and install the cydia application.  Follow the onscreen instructions.  Finally, handover the phone to the person you want to spy.  It could be your employee or members of your family. 

Benefits from using this cydia spy app

You can monitor the phone’s user from any part of the world using a computer with internet connection.  Just log in using your username and password created earlier.  From the site interface you will have access to all the photos taken by the iPhone.  You will the time and date picture where taken.

This photo can be used as evidence in confronting a cheating spouse.  You can it also as inventory to check if your employees are really checking their projects on site.  Since pictures reveal the time and date it was taken.  You can use it also to monitor what kinds of friends your kids are mingling with.  In this way you can protect them from dating strangers.

To know more about this spyware -
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