Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Best spyware for iPhone – Highly recommended!

Are you looking for best spyware for iPhone?  I’m sure you’re dizzy now searching dozens of spy application that will work for you.  Let me guide you through. Here is how and which is the best for you.

best spyware for iphone


How to find a good spyware for iPhone?

In looking for spy software you must first check their reviews.  You can find a lot of reviews here for this different spy app.  Look also for testimonials.  This is a good way to measure how happy their customers.  You will find tips and tutorial as well on how you can take advantage of their great features.  Also look for these vital features.  First it must have a SMS logging feature.  It allows you to read all the text messages coming in and out of the phone.  It is great for monitoring the cellphone activities of the phone’s user.

Second it must have a call logging features or better if it could record phone conversations.  This feature allows you to retrieve all the call logs.  These include cell phone numbers, names assigned to the phone numbers and the time and date call was made.  If you want to gather evidence, recording phone conversation became handy for you.

Next you should see if the spy app has the ability to track the location of the phone.  It allows you monitor in real-time the places the phone have been.  You will know the whereabouts of the phone in the past; make it easier for you to check the phone’s user location.  Then, you should check if the spy software has the ability to logs all the pictures taken and videos recorded.

Finally, you might like to see if it has the capability to logs internet activities like mails, chat and browser history.  You can use all of this information in various ways.  It is up to you how you can use it to benefit you in a lot of ways.

Which is best spy software for you?

I highly recommend StealthGenie.  This spyware has all the features and benefits I mentioned above.  Up to date it is the most downloaded and most used by Parents and Employers.  You can use it also in so many ways.  I’m sure you will be amazed how it can make your life easier at work or at home.  No more worries about your kids’ safety at school or at home.  No more employees stealing from your company.  Monitor them from anywhere in the world using any gadget (computer, laptop or mobile) that can have internet connection.  Just log-in using your username and password created upon registration.

To know more about this spyware for iPhone visit:  StealthGenie or You can start you monitoring now. Download now!

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