Saturday, June 16, 2012

Free app to spy on text messages plus remote PC monitoring software at no cost!

Do you want to spy on text messages for free?  Let me guide you how you can avail a zero cost spy app plus a bonus remote PC monitoring software if you like it as well!

free app to spy on text messages

•    Do you want to monitor SMS text messages coming in and out of a cell phone?
•    Do you want to know the details on the text messages like the messages itself, the cell phone numbers   and the names assigned on it?
•    Do you want remote PC tracking software at zero cost?
•    Do you want it for free?

If you’ve been wondering around the internet looking for zero cost SMS spy then let me do the job for you!  Text messaging is the basic means of communications of any mobile phones.  I bet you even your Mom, Dad, Uncle and your Grandma use SMS messaging a lot.  In these text messages you will know almost everything about the phone user.  You will know what is keeping him busy, what is his favorite color, who is he texting to, and many more. 

SMS text messaging tracking is one of the most important tools you need if you want to spy on someone!  If you have limited resources worry no more.  Here is software where you can track someone that is important to you like your employees, kids or your cheating spouse.

I highly recommend Mobile spy tool.  Mobile spy software is your top choice in monitoring text messages.

Free Text messages spy app Features:

Text messages tracking- It allows you to read text messages.  This vital information can help you monitor your kids at school if they are bullied or at home if they are behaving themselves.  You can check if your teenager is dating strangers which you can prevent any untoward incident that might happen to her.

Call logging – Tracking calls includes the cell phone numbers incoming and outgoing, the time and date call was made and the names assigned to it.  This allows you to check who is your cheating spouse is calling in the middle of the night.  This also helps you in monitoring phone calls and sees if your employees are using their company’s owned phone for business purposes only.  It allows you minimize phone bills and save a lot more resources for your business.

GPS tracking – Advance Smartphone today includes GPS device embedded on it.  Together with the gadget and mobile spy software you can monitor the exact location of the phone in real time.  This feature is very helpful in locating your workforce outside your company.  You will be able to see if they are really reporting to the job site or are taking a nap on their home.   It is also vital if you are looking for a lost kid.  You can find their whereabouts in no time.  You must teach your children to keep their phones at all times.
Photo and Video Monitoring – It allows you to view all the photos taken by the phone.  You can watch the videos record by the phone as well.  This is very helpful in profiling your teenager friends.  This app will let you know if your kids are in bad side of company or is doing well in choosing friends.

Internet activity tracking – It lets your monitor the URL visited, emails, chat, You-tube etc.  This software is a complete tracking tool that allows you to access all internet activities.  This can help you to check if your employees are only watching Youtube or chatting during business hours.  You can verify on their mails if someone on your employee is leaking information to your competitors.

SMS commands – It lets you know if any of your phone under surveillance change their SIM on a purpose of hiding or cheating on you.  It is also useful if the phone was lost or is stolen.  You can send a remote SMS command to immediately backup important data to the computer and proceed to wipe the device data to protect the information itself.

These features are available for free.  You can use them all for seven days.  If the need arise after seven days you can upgrade your free version to full version.  Aside from upgrading your subscription to full registration, you will receive free remote PC monitoring software which cost 80USD alone the “Sniperspy”.

Sniperspy Pc remote monitoring features include:

•    Web Sites Visited
•    Applications Executed
•    Keystrokes Typed
•    Passwords Typed
•    Documents Opened
•    Windows Opened
•    File Changes
•    Folder Changes
•    Active Window Screenshots
•    Full Chats and Instant Messages in: Yahoo! Instant Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, Google Talk, Paltalk and ICQ

These powerful features are helpful tools in monitoring your PC at home or your employees.

Start now your free SMS spying visit:  MobileSpy 

If you have no physical access to the phone want to spy you could use remote spying tracking.


text message said...

The advantage of text messaging, as opposed to other techniques like email, is its ease of use.

gigs said...

Yes correct! SMS is the simplest form of communication between two people. The fact is most of the important data are send through text and that is why tracking SMS is very important.

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